This is the transformation caused by the Become Vampire Device. A second set of powers are avaiable when using the Beast Form power.

Images Edit

Using the Become Vampire device turns you into a Vampire. 430px | Vampire

Using the Beast Form Power while a Vampire turns you into a monstrous bat creature with a replacement set of powers. 430px | Vampire

Power Edit

Vampire Power Bar

Icon Name Type Description
Infernal Bolts Energy Builder Infernal Bolts fires shards of toxic energy at your enemy.
Hemo Burst Ranged Attack Emits a blast of toxic blood that may apply fear to your foe.
Beast Form Form Transform into a monstrous bat creature.
Vampire Flight Travel Transform into a swarm of bats.
Regeneration Buff Self Regeneration greatly increases the speed at which you recover from wounds.
Lifedrain Ranged Attack Lifedrain utilizes dark energy to transfer life energy from your enemy to you.
Ebon Void Block Ebon Void creates a protective barrier that reduces incoming damage by bleeding off the damaging effects into another dimension.
Condemn Ranged Area Attack Condemn causes a concentrated burst of Toxic energy to slam into your enemies.
Shadow Shroud Buff Self Shadow Shroud wraps you in Darkness and Dimensional energies; this connection to the nether forces improves your combat abilities for a short period of time.
Soul Mesmerism Crowd Control Soul Mesmerism attempts to hypnotize your enemy, preventing them from taking any actions.
Defile Ranged Attack Defile greatly damages your target and weakens their resistance to toxic damage.
Resurgence Healing Resurgence focuses your body's healing power into a quick burst of health.

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