500,000,000 BC:

-The living starship, the Zodiakos Kyklos (which would one day serve as the Zodiac's base) is created by an unknown, pre-Progenitor race.

50,000 BC:

-A starship carrying Servitors of the Ancient Ones comes to Earth to investigate its potential for conquest by their masters. Due to an on-board mutiny, the starship crashes in what is now Norway and is trapped in the ice.

37,000 BC:

-The Lemurians use a potent magical weapon, the Mandragalore, against the Empyreans, but it backfires, causing the continent of Lemuria to sink. Only the Mole Men, Lemurians who had already moved into the cave systems, survived.

32,000 BC:

-The Dominion of Atlantis becomes one of the predominant political powers on Earth, transforming the Valdorian Age into the Atlantean Age.

30,000 BC:

-The Ancient Ones are all imprisoned or destroyed in a tremendous battle with the alien race known only as the Progenitors. The Progenitors then embark on a campaign to rid the universe of their servants and their influence.

-War between Vondarien of Atlantis and Sharna-Gorak of the Destroyer causes the Cataclysm, sinking Atlantis beneath the waves and reshaping the world.

18,000 BC:

-Progenitors first arrive on Earth, looking for refugee Servitors of the Ancient Ones (while they discover some, the starship in Norway goes undetected). They set up permanent bases to monitor this world.

10,000 BC:

-Progenitors leave Earth.

-The Era of the Gods and Heroes of Egyptian, Greek, Norse and other mythologies begins about now and lasts for about ten thousand years.

9456 BC:

-The Champions are marooned in this time by Tempus, the Master of Time. They encounter the Servitors of the Ancient Ones and fend them off until they encounter some visiting aliens known as the Evaluators, who place them in suspended animation in a starship in hyperspace, rigged to awaken them in 1991 AD.

8275 BC:

-One thousand sorcerers from various dimensions, led by one known as Tyrannon of Thulkas, battle and defeat the beings known then as gods. Each of the magicians merges with the power and essence of one of the gods. Tyrannon, however, subjugates and absorbs the power of most of the magicians, making him one of the most powerful beings of all of the universes. Those that Tyrannon did not subjugate he banished or imprisoned. He begins conquering all of the dimensions.

4,000 BC:

-Shaderon, one of the wisest and most influential of the second generation Empyreans, develops his philosophy of Silence, or transcendence of the body, and creates the Temple of Silence in Arcadia. Over the next few centuries, dozens of Empyreans join him in rejecting their mortal forms and seeking a higher plane of existence through meditation.

3050 BC:

-A portal to the Dimension of The One opens at the peak of Mount Olympus. The entity that comes through is Gaea, the Earth-Goddess, who in turn created Uranus, her husband. The two beings turned the dimension that they came from into a city for their offspring: Olympus.

2930 BC:

-By this time, the twelve Titans are all born of Uranus and Gaea. Uranus banishes them to Tartarus for fear they would overthrow him.

2565 BC:

-Gaea releases her son, Cronos, from Tartarus. He, in turn, releases his imprisoned siblings and overthrows Uranus. He marries his sister Rhea and assumes control of Olympus.

2430 BC:

-A Neolithic shaman in Britain unites the earth spirit and the shipwrecked alien android to become Gog-Magog.

2100 BC:

-Celtic seafarers discover the islands south of Britain that were settled by the Progenitors. Many of the machines are activated (most by accident). Some of the Celts have their psychic potentials enhanced or actualized.

1910 BC:

-The Fomori, demons of winter, are accidentally unleashed upon Britain a portal created by the sorcerer-scientists of the southern islands (called the Fair West). Great wars and battles take place to defend the Earth against these demons, but the Fomori are more powerful than the humans.

1908 BC:

-The Progenitor robot starship Danu senses the appearance of the Fomori and the reactivation of the devices and travels to Earth. It closes the portals and grants various humans great power to fight the demons in exchange for the people's service and allegiance to Danu.

1905 BC:

-Danu dictates that the islands of the Fair West must be removed so that such an accident does not happen again. The islands of Avalon, Tiran Og and Hy Breasil and their civilizations were transferred to pocket dimensions while Lyonesse was sunk and its people transformed into water-breathing beings.

1903 BC:

-Danu becomes dormant in orbit beyond the moon, cloaked from detection.

1575 BC:

-Zeus, leader of the Greek gods, slays his father Cronus, banishing his soul to Tartarus. Thus begins the reign of the Olympian gods.

1383 BC:

-The Minotaur is born as a result of the mating between the god Zeus and the human Europa.

1163 BC:

-The Minotaur befriends Drynnan Illar, one of the satyr legends. They found the group the Zodiac.

234 BC:

-The Titans free Cronus from Tartarus and magically trap Zeus. The Olympians seal the portal between Earth and Olympus, to save the Earth from the Titans and so that the Titans could not use the Earth to gain more power. Zeus is eventually freed, and a great war ensues resulting in the death of all of the Titans except Gaea, who had not participated in the revolt. The gods remain trapped in Olympus, however, because their power is so drained.

204 BC:

-The great civilization on the island of Atlantis is caught in a great cataclysm. The island sinks, but the Atlanteans quickly adapt.

54 BC:

-Roman Conquest cuts off most all contact that the "I lands" (Avalon, Lyonesse, etc.) have with Britain.

87 AD:

-The alien entities known as the Pantheon, who had be posing as Roman gods, grow tired of Earth and leave to find another world to exploit.

408 AD:

-Nimue of Lyonesse (the Lady of the Lake) teaches the wizard Merlin.

413 AD:

-Merlin helps Artorius (Arthur), a rising war chief, to become king of Britain with the aid of a sword, Excalibur, Lyonessian technological artifact, which was, bound Artorius psychically. He establishes Camelot.

420 AD:

-Merlin, dying of radiation after working on Excalibur for long periods, has his mind transfered into a Lyonesse computer by Nimue.

421 AD:

-Morganna, sister of Artorius, trained in Avalon, turns against Camelot. Morganna and her son Mordred fight many battles against Artorius, with Morganna finally emerging victorious, although Mordred was slain. Morganna exile herself to Avalon. The forces of Mordred attacked Lyonesse, but were repelled at an extreme expenditure of the islands power source. Nimue telepathically asked the dying Artorius for Excalibur back to use as a power source, and he agreed.

438 AD:

-Black Paladin is "killed" by Lancelot, formerly of Camelot, but is preserved in a sort of sleep by his lover, a witch.

460 AD:

-The first Shaolin Temple is founded in China.

490-540 AD:

-King Arthur rules England from Camelot. Giles de Morphant, the Black Paladin, wreaks great evil, but is eventually slain by Lancelot. Arthur's realm, and his Round Table of knights, eventually falls due to the repercussions of Lancelot's affair with Queen Guinevere.

1090 AD:

-The Ancient Order of Assassins is founded by Hassan ibn-al Sabah.

1199 AD:

-Robin Hood is active in the English countryside, bedeviling King John Lackland and the Sheriff of Nottingham.

1425 AD:

-Drynnan Illar (now known as Capricorn) hears of a witch (a direct descendant of Black Paladin and his lover, a powerful witch) being tried in London. He travels there to learn more.

1437 AD:

-Capricorn battles Stephen Masterson, the son of the witch. Capricorn defeats him after causing massive damage to the British countryside. Reluctantly, Stephen becomes Aquarius.

1459 AD:

-Vlad Tepes, voivod of Transylvania, becomes a vampire under uncertain circumstances. One legend suggests he is transformed by an Atlantean "dark mage". Tepes is later known as Dracula ("Little dragon".)

1608 AD:

-The Minotaur (Taurus) contacts and befriends an intelligent being/ship/computer in the vicinity of Earth. This ship eventually becomes their orbital base, the Zodiakos Kyklos.

1743 AD:

-The Undying Tulku (Earth's Archmage) passes into senility and his apprentice, Ugyen defeats the Oriental magicians known as the Tong as proof to the Council of Magi that he is worthy. Ugyen (later called the Revered Elder) becomes the new Archmage of Earth's dimension.


-John Ward, the first Black Mask, is born on a farm outside of Philadelphia.


-Ward first adopts the identity of Black Mask, to protect his family while he performs acts of sabotage against the British Army.


-Ward retires the identity of Black Mask.


-John Ward's son, Timothy, a Boston silver smith, becomes the Black Mask and battles a band of criminals.


-Black Mask II is killed in action. The training of his son, Samuel, is taken over by his grandfather, the first Black Mask.


-Black Mask III debuts in Philadelphia now renamed Patriot City. By now the legend has grown across the northeastern United States, and the first rumours of the immortality of the young nation's hero begin to spread.


-June 15: The Bear Flag Rebellion begins in Sonoma and the California Republic is declared. Less than a month later, U.S. Marines land at Monterey and claim California for the United States.


-February 2: The Treaty of Guadeloupe Hidalgo ends the Mexican-American War and cedes California to the United States. The Treaty signers are unaware of the discovery of gold a few days earlier.


-September 9: The U.S. Congress admits California to the union as a free state.

-Sherlock Holmes is born in London. Roving gypsies raises him and his brother Mycroft after the death of their parents.


-John Watson is born in Coventry, England.


-Matthew Ward becomes Black Mask IV, at first operating out of Patriot City.


-The American Civil War, Matthew Ward, as Black Mask IV, fights alongside the Union Army, while the mysterious Grey Ghost aids the Confederates.


-Captain James Nemo launches the first submarine, called the Nautilus. He preys on illegal slave-traders heading across the Atlantic to South Africa.

-Matthew Ward moves to Chicago and continues his adventures as Black Mask IV.


-Oceanus ascends the throne of Atlantis after the death of his father.


-Professor James Moriarty, later to become the greatest criminal figure of Victorian England, tutors Sherlock Holmes in advanced mathematics.

-Around this time, James Harmon I, ancestor of Defender, explores Africa and begins building the family fortune.


-James Lee Ward inherits the Black Mask upon his father's death. He moves to Arizona and transplants the legend, acting as a vigilante lawman.


-Taurus recruits the demons Ahrgash and Lohwegg as Gemini for the Zodiac.

-Marvin Carr begins to act as Black Mask V's sidekick.


-The notorious criminal Sidewinder in a shoot-out in Show Low, Arizona, kills Black Mask V. Since James’s son Jason is only two, Marvin Carr becomes the sixth Black Mask and the first not to be part of the direct lineage.


-Sherlock Holmes opens his private "consulting" detective agency in London.


-Oceanus and Orana marry.


The Empire Club, a private "Gentleman's Social Club" for adventurers, explorers, and other daredevils, is founded in New York City.


-Sherlock Holmes and John Watson meet at St. Bartholomew's Hospital during the case known as A Study In Scarlet.


-Dr. Henry Jekyll first uses the mysterious chemicals he discovered to become the monstrous Mr. Hyde.


-Sherlock Holmes encounters Dracula in Transylvania for the first time.


-Jack the Ripper terrorizes London.

-Sherlock Holmes involved in the famous cases, The Sign of the Four and The Hound of the Baskervilles.


-The Revered Elder and Vincent Dimitrios defeat the Chernobog Demon in London, imprisoning it within a book.

-Adolf Hitler is born in Braunau, Austria.


-Count Dracula terrorizes London, before vampire-hunter Abraham Van Helsing destroys him with help from young Jonathan Harker


-Sherlock Holmes pursues his nemesis Moriarty to Switzerland, where they apparently both perish at Reicjhenback Falls. In Moriarty's absence, the Cable rises to supremacy in the European underworld.


-Mycroft Holmes becomes the director of the British Secret Service. He is referred to as "M" (as have his successors).


-Oceanus slays the traitor Gangar.

-Sherlock Holmes returns to London after traveling the world undercover.


-Marvin Carr retires as Black Mask VI. The mask is given back to Jason Ward, son of Black Mask V, who moves back to Chicago. For a time, his partner is Andrew Carr, Marvin's own son.


-January 1: San Angelo officially becomes the newest incorporated city in California.


-Lok-480 (who one day would be Cancer) crashes on Earth, and is immediately recruited into the Zodiac.

-Sherlock Holmes is consulted by the police when a brilliant but deranged scientist, Hawley Griffin, develops the power to become invisible and goes on a rampage in London.


-Sherlock Holmes retires from public life.


-A massive explosion occurs near Tunguska in northern Siberia. The exact nature of the explosion remains unknown, though it levels trees for miles around. Scientists later theorize that a comet or meteor struck the earth.


-September 14: Harry Houdini publicly admits that the unusual "talents" of Sir James Croft defy scientific explanation and are authentic examples of the supernatural.


-February 2: The Brotherhood Arcane emerges from years of inactivity.


-April 15: British ocean-liner, the Titanic, sinks in Northern Atlantic. 1,513 die.


-July 24: World War I begins.


-Eric Wraith (who would one day be Dr. Wraith) is summoned by one of the Ancient Ones to its prison dimension, to become its apprentice (and one day allow it to escape).


-March: Russian Revolution.

-December 13: Albert Zerstoiten (Dr. Destroyer) is born in Bavaria.


-Corporal Adolf Hitler, serving on the Western Front in World War I, is temporarily blinded by mustard gas. While undergoing treatment, he has a vision that the Teutonic Gods have selected him for a great purpose, which he translates as restoring the purity of the Aryan people and bestowing on Germany the "Thousand Year Reich". He gives up his career in art and goes into politics, becoming a leader of the National Socialist Party after the war.

-November 11: World War I ends.


-October 28: Volstead Act passed by Congress, ushering in Prohibition.


-Mara (Sea Hawk) is born in Atlantis.


-November: Archaeologists Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon uncover Tutankhamun's Tomb.


-August 6: The Dark Pharaoh awakens from his centuries-long rest.

-The Revered Elder and Vincent Dimitrios face Tyrannon the Conqueror as he attempts to invade Earth's dimension the magicians trick him into swearing that he will not attempt to invade again while they live.


-Orana dies. Oceanus, grief-stricken, and refuses to remarry. Mara begins her former schooling.


-The Raven is first seen fighting crime on the streets of Hudson City.


-First appearance of the Raven's partner, the Velvet Phantom, and his group of assistants, the Midnight Brigade.


-October 24: Black Thursday, the Stock Market Crash, leads to the Great Depression.

-DEMON is formally created in Salem, Massachusetts as a satanic criminal organization and cult, made up of wealthy businessmen and hired thugs.

-Black Mask VII dies, and the mask passes to his son, Jeffery Layton Ward. Black Mask VIII operates in Chicago, but moves to Haynesville, Kansas when he joins the Defenders of Justice during World War II.

-James Harmon II, Defenders grandfather serves with Eliot Ness in the "Untouchables" in Chicago.


-July 12: Masked vigilante, Crimson Mask, appears in New York to battle crime.


-March 5: Adolf Hitler comes to power in Germany.

-November 19: The Whisperer's voice is first heard across the land.


-The villain Edward Vandaleur lures Vincent Dimitrios to a sunken alien city off the eastern coast of the United States. There he shows him an ancient, mystical pendant that he has found that will unleash the race of the Elder Worm (also called the Ancient Ones) once again upon the Earth's dimension. He threatens to release the evil forces unless Dimitrios becomes his personal slave forever. Dimitrios agrees, but then tricks Vandaleur and causes his defeat, as well as the apparent destruction of the amulet.



-January 12: Blue Sapphire, the world's first superhero, appears in New York City.

-August 29: German scientist, Dr. Karl Volgar, creates Over-Man in hidden laboratory.

-August 29: A government lab in San Angelo accidentally creates what is later determined to be a singularity, a breakdown in the laws of space and time. The unstable singularity collapses 6.3 seconds later, but not before flooding the world with a burst of bizarre energy dubbed “flux” radiation by scientists. The strange energy field acts as a catalyst, making the impossible suddenly possible. A handful of people around the world develop superpowers in the wake of the incident, starting the so-called Golden Age of heroes.

-Bill Jefferies declares his personal war on crime. He develops two alternate identities, the costumed avenger known as the Black Owl, and a common street thug called Lefty LeGrand. As LeGrand, he uncovers criminal activity that he then thwarts as the Black Owl.


-August 21: The Minuteman, a star-spangled hero who flies via a prototype jetpack, foils a downtown bank robbery in San Angelo. He turns the captured gunmen over to the FBI. The Minuteman exemplifies a new breed of heroes, more colourful and straightforward than their shadowy predecessors, the mystery men.

-September 15: The Sorceress replaces Sir James Croft as the Lodge's public "hero".

-Oceanus is overthrown and killed by Dargon the Usurper. Dargon tries to wed Mara, who instead escapes. She later befriends several "landers" and becomes known to the world as the heroine Sea-Hawk after she rescues a crew of a sinking destroyer.


-February 16: Panstar Industries is opened.

-May 1 Both Der Sturmvogel and Captain Patriot gain their powers.

-May 14: The Liberty League's first mission, in which they stop a ring of Nazi spies in Connecticut.

-June 8 Black Fin is expelled from the Kingdom of Atlantis. She refuses an offer to join from the Zodiac.

-July 4: The Liberty Corps forms in San Angelo to battle crime, particularly the threat posed by newly created superhuman criminals. Founding members are: Sky Ranger, Commando X, Dr. Oblivion, Nightingale, Colossal Man and Beast Girl. The Minuteman remains independent, but works with the Liberty Corps on occasion.

-October: aliens land at Grover's Mill, New Jersey invades Earth. A majority of the New York area crime fighters team together to defeat the alien tripods. Optimus, Cowboy, Dr. Twilight and Sea Hawk form the Defenders of Justice.

-November 12: Grendel, the second subject of Dr. Volgar's experiments is born.

-Robert MacDonald travels to Egypt. There, he encounters the mysterious ancient god Osiris, who grants him power over light and darkness.

-In Yellowstone National Park, Harrison Chase finds a mysterious rock that gives him fantastic powers when he is in direct contact with it.


-The Firewatcher becomes Britain's first superhero, battling spies and infiltrators on the home front.

-March 13: The Liberty Corps tangles with Clockwork and his gang of thugs during a jewel heist at the San Angelo Metropolitan Museum. Clockwork escapes in the first of many confrontations with the hero team.

-September 3: World War II begins.

-October 29: The Champions, travelling back in time, search for the missing Dr. Timothy Temple, who is due to die on the next day, long before his birth, which they believe is causing a disruption in the Time Stream.

-October 30: The Champions, trying to save Dr. Temple, encounter and join forces with the Crimestopper, and defeat a group of power Armored Nazis who are holding Temple.

-October 31: The Champions and Dr. Temple search for the Masque so that he could magically send them back to their proper time. Instead they are attacked by ghosts and sent to the 5th dimensional realm of the demon, Tsurlgra. There the Masque and the heroes battle their way out. The Masque returns them to 1991.


-January 4: The Grail Knight becomes England's greatest champion.

-February 20: The Liberty Corps foils a scheme by Baron Frost to induce a new ice age on Earth, but not before tha madman freezes half of downtown San Angelo. Fortunately, the corps rescues those trapped in the ice and keeps property damage to a minimum as the city thaws.

-The Japanese sorcerer called Iron Father works with the RSvKg to cast a series of spells protecting the Axis countries. Superpowered enemies of the Axis are unable to enter these nations' borders without succumbing to a "mystical weakness", losing their powers and eventually falling into comas.


-The Haynesville Project, the top-secret government program to study and employ superhuman powers, begins. The Defenders of Justice officially join the army, along with several solo heroes, and are divided into two separate teams: The Defenders, who protect the home front, and the Freedom Battalion, who fight overseas (and are mostly made up of the sneakier mystery men and professional soldiers on the team).

-December 7: The Japanese attacks Pearl Harbour, and America is drawn into World War II.

-December 15: The Liberty Corps volunteers for active military duty. The Department of War declines, citing the damage to home front moral should any heroes be killed in overseas combat. The heroes instead battle saboteurs, spies and fifth columnists in the United States during World War II, though there are rumours of covert missions behind enemy lines.


-February 16: Operation Beta responsible for both Major Victory and Captain lightning.

-June 6: Hannya Island project opened by joint effort of Nazi Germany and Japan.

-November 3: The Minuteman foils a plot by Nazi saboteur Doppleganger to destroy the Allied Chemicals plant in West San Angelo.

-December 2: Crusader appears in this century, joining Allied troops to fight Germans.

-The first Russian superhero, General Winter appears.


-February 13: American eagle I and Winger battle the Nazi villain Panzer.

-May 3: Red Hawk becomes Russia's second superhero.

-August 21: The Masque battles the Japanese Tong, which is lead by the sorcerer known only as the Master. The battle takes place on an astral plane, and The Masque is defeated only to be rescued by The Revered Elder, the Archmage of Earth's Dimension. Although not wanting to get involved in the political conflicts of WW II, The Revered Elder had faced the evil Tong before, and he knew of The Masque's good deeds and pure heart.

-September 29: A Japanese-American hero named the Silver Samurai debuts during the Allied invasion of Italy, assisting the 442nd Regimental Combat Team. Stars and Stripes later reports that the Silver Samurai, a first-generation Japanese-American whose parents own a San Angelo fruit orchard, volunteered for duty from the Tule Lake interment camp in Modoc County.

-James Harmon III, father of Defender, becomes a U.S. Army Ranger, and earns the Congressional Medal of Honour for his valorous conduct during the War. After hostilities cease, he becomes an industrialist and quintuples the family's already considerable fortune.


-March 2: The Emissary nearly kills Hitler, and then disappears with the Flame.

-June 5: Allied assault at Calais led by superpowered forces fails to gain a beachhead; many supers are slain in the attempt.

-June 6: Allies successfully invade Europe at Normandy with conventional forces.

-June 22: Founding of Invisible Empire.


-February 19: A new hero dubbed the Atomic Kid appears for the first time in combat on the island of Iwo Jima, helping the U.S. Marines fight their way ashore.

-April 10-15: Dr. Zerstoiten (Destroyer) attempts to escape to South America, but a British warship sinks the transport he is on. His face is badly burned in the fire, and is taken back to London.

-May 8: Germany surrenders; Firewatcher retires.

-May 14: The Liberty Corps heads to Europe just days after the fall of Germany to help round up fleeing Nazi superhumans. Extensive post-war investigations reveal that many Nazi "übermen" died on the battlefield during the final defense of Germany. Others were captured, but a few remain unaccounted for.

-June 24 Black Fin agrees to join the Zodiac if they can help repair her gills.

-July 16: First atomic bomb exploded at Alamogordo Air Base in New Mexico.

-August 2 Atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima. The Master is reported to be at ground zero, but is unscathed. The bomb explosion, and the one in Nagasaki days later are reportedly the source of many mutants being born in later generations.

-August 14: Japan surrenders.

-November 18: The Liberty Corps offers membership to returned super-veterans Atomic Kid and Silver Samurai. A furious Commando X threatens to quit the team if Silver Samurai, a Japanese-American, I s allowed to join, but Nightingale persuades him to stay.


-January 29: Inauguration of the United Nations.

-March 14: Zerstoiten arrives in the U.S.

-April 18: Official dissolution of the League of Nations.

-May 29: Tensions between Liberty Corps teamates Commando X and Silver Samurai ease after a mysterious mission to Japan. The two eventually become close friends.

-June 12: Badlands Motor Company, Awad Oil International, Polytechnic Supply Inc., Worldwide Multinational Unlimited, Deuschland Aeronautics, Alliance Francais Shipping, Yorkshire Industries Ltd., Yamamoto Electrics, Duchess Industries and others meet secretly in Hiroshima. They form VIPER as an industrial espionage group.

-July 8: UNTIL is formed by the United Nations.

-August 22: Russia announces creation of Soviet paranormal project.

-October 7: Rumours that escaped Nazi leaders and superhumans are forming a "Fourth Reich" in South America begin to circulate.


-February 18: The Piper, a malevolent entity from another dimension, uses the arcane power of his magic flute to mind control the people of San Angelo. The Liberty Corps is outlawed and goes on the run, pursued by local police and military forces under the Piper’s control.

-February 21: Relying heavily on the mystic knowledge of Dr. Oblivion, the Liberty Corps battles the Piper and his mind-controlled minions in Cathedral Square.

-The Piper is exiled to his home dimension, and the people of San Angelo are freed from his evil spell. Unbeknownst to the heroes, the Piper's Magic flute remains behind. A passer-by finds the instrument and sells it to a pawnshop, where it gathers dust for the next 50 years.

-March 13: Kraan scout ship sent to Earth.

-April 30: Nightingale and Sky Ranger of the Liberty Corps are married in a beautiful ceremony at the Cathedral of St. Mary. Nightingale announces her retirement from the hero team.

-July 12: Survivors of Reich form AXIS.

-August 4: Commando X quits the Liberty Corps, though he and Silver Samurai remain friends. He becomes a covert government agent-fighting communism in the U.S. and around the world.

-Raven is formed by a group of European Aristocrats.


-January 1: The Liberty League formally breaks up, though it has not acted as a team in several months. Beast Girl soon signs to star in a movie theatre serials for a Hollywood studio, while her colleagues become solo crimefighters, retire or find new careers.

-August 2: Un-American Activities Committee investigates alleged communist infiltration of government.

-August 12: The Spyre Siege.

-The Haynesville Project officially closes its doors.

-Princess Mara and Drake Wilson divorce. Wilson returns to the surface world and goes to work for the United Nations, later helping sculpt UNTIL into its modern form.


-August 4: Zerstoiten leaves the U.S. in anger at his fellow scientists and moves to Central America, where he first is known as Dr. Destroyer.

-September 23: Announcement that Russia has exploded its first nuclear bomb.

-October 25: Crimebuster gets married and settles down.

-Despising the Communists in China, Dr. Yin Wu moves to San Francisco, adopting the identity of an art supply dealer while working to restore the China he has known and loved for centuries. He later moves back to China, secluding himself in his castle.


-June 25: Korean War begins.

-August 24: Someone steals an artifacts reputed to be the mystical Spear of Destiny from a traveling exhibit at the San Angelo Metropolitan Museum. The relic is never recovered.

-November 29: The Atomic Kid, who had volunteered for military duty again after the dissolution of the Liberty Corps is reported killed in action in Korea. The retirement of most heroes, and the incarceration, death or disappearance of their superhuman foes, brings the Golden Age to a close.

-UNTIL provides a great deal of help to UN forces in the Korean Conflict.



-October 31: First Hydrogen bomb exploded at Eniwetok Atoll in Pacific Ocean.


-April 25: Francis Crick and James Watson discover structure of DNA, the blueprint of life.

-Black Mask VIII retires.

-The British government establishes Bureau S to study the country's superhuman resources (and threats).


-Crimebuster and his wife have a son. After Howard Castleman vows revenge against the hero and his family, Crimebuster changes his name to Robert McQuark and moves to California.


-VIPER, now a criminal entity of its own, breaks away from its parent corporations.

-Mexican wrestler El Espectro receives his magical silver mask and begins combating supernatural evil while defending his heavyweight title.


-October 24: The Suez Crisis.

-November 4: Soviet Union crushes Hungarian rebellion.

-Davis Matthew Ward becomes Black Mask IX, while working full time during the day as a Chicago policeman.

-The Second Meteor Man makes his first appearance.


-September 21: USSR launches Sputnik 1, the first manmade satellite.


-Five Americans, entering space in a homemade rocket ship to protect Earth from a comet, are exposed to strange radiation and transformed into the Fabulous Five.


-April 25: Robert McQuark, alias Crimebuster, dies of a heart attack.

-Princess Mara remarries, this time to Andros, Sub chieftain of the Moray barbarian tribe.


-Sept 10: Sunwarrior battles Dreadnaught in New York. Tremendous property damage is caused, and bystanders, including the parents of the one-day villainess Transmuter, are killed.

-The Sentinels form when the malevolent computer Ultivac attempts to take over the world. The original line-up, which will change constantly over the years, is MeteorMan II, Dr. Phantom, Microman, Beowulf, and Rocketman.


-May 10: Winger becomes American Eagle II.

-August 22: Red Monday.

-August 28: General Mayhem is reported to have died of a heart attack.

-Sept 6: Mark Nine battles VIPER agents in Bristol, England. Five are brought to justice, and their hijacking attempt is foiled.

-September-December: An internal war between two factions of VIPER is waged, weakening the organization so greatly that it will take years for them to fully recover. Howard Castleman dies in this war.


-February 4 The man who would become Dark Seraph (ironically, another descendant of Black Paladin and his witch lover) gains the Iron Crown in a vile, demonic ritual outside of London. He kills his entire coven of fellow-witches and warlocks and goes forth into the night to cause evil and destruction.

-March 3: The Port of San Angelo opens to handle the cargo shipping needs of the region.

-November 22: President John F. Kennedy assassinated.

-Teen hero The Hornet begins his star-crossed career.

-The U.N. establishes a commission, the Tribunal on International Law, to study superhumans and related issues.


- February 8: British rock-group, the Beatles first come to America.

- April 14: the government android creation facilities of the super-soldier program announce a great breakthrough with the new Mandroid model. However, at the demonstration for various government officials, the androids go amok and begin to attack bystanders. Sunwarrior, hearing about the attack, comes to the rescue and destroys the androids.

- May 2: President Johnson gives his approval for the creation of PRIMUS, an anti-supercrime law enforcement agency roughly equivalent to UNTIL.

- June 5 The villain Mastermind attempts to use his mind control powers to take over and control the Democratic Convention. American Eagle II and Solarr foil his plan. June 15: Secret government project, Operation Mind-Alive, is opened.

- June 17: The Swordfish is launched by UNTIL.

- July 10: As fighting in Viet Nam intensifies; Sunwarrior leaves for Southeast Asia to help in the conflict. Revenger travels to the moon and conquers the Selenites.

- August 7: U.S. Congress passes Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, paving way for war in Vietnam.

- August 13: First public appearance of the Promethians.


- January 23: Nightwraith battles a demon summoned by evil sorcerers. His old enemy, The Master, rescues him.

- February 10: Congress forms Special American Tactics (SAT) to protect the U.S. while PRIMUS is being organized.

-June 3: Sunwarrior returns to the US.

- October 31: Nightwraith disappears.

-November 4: The Minutemen form in Boston. The members are Lady Victory, Captain Star (known previously as the Star Spangled Hero), the aging Thunderbird and a fourteen-year-old mutant speedster called Fleetfoot. They promise to "be ready any minute that America needs us." Earth is invaded by the alien Qularr, who attempt to use giant monsters from alien worlds as weapons against it. Tokyo is nearly destroyed for the first time. After several attempts at conquest, the Qularr are finally defeated and driven from Earth's galaxy, through several of their monsters remain on Earth (most confined to the research facility on Monster Island). UNTIL is created by U.N. treaty-a treaty not signed by the United States, which refuses to allow UNTIL agents to operate within its territory.


- February 12: The Great Door of Samarkan reopens.

- March 10: Time traveler Averell Pendleton arrives in modern San Angelo after fleeing the violent, decaying Earth of 2061 through a prototype time-gate he had constructed.

-July 18: Dark Seraph first appears and attempts to take over SAC in order to start a nuclear war between the US and the USSR. American Eagle II and the Minutemen stop him. American Eagle II joins the Minutemen after the battle is over. In Great Britain, Bureau S becomes the Ministry of Superhuman Affairs, a publicly acknowledged branch of the government responsible for protecting British citizens from superhuman threats.


- February 10: The Circle forms, and goes on its first mission against Dark Seraph. They are beaten badly by the villain and only nearly escape death.

-October 19: Black Phantom first appears to help stop a riot caused by racial unrest.

- November 14: While recovering from a wound received from a battle with Dreadnaught, Thunderbird announces his retirement. The People's Republic of China establishes its own government Superteam, the Tiger Squad. The Fabulous Five thwart a second evasion attempt by the "Martians" of 1938, who are revealed to actually be from a planet in the Sirius system.


-March 30: The new government android program produces the Ultraman model. While they are more easily controlled than the Mandroids, they are also not as powerful or efficient.

- April 2: Liberty Square, a memorial to the Golden Age hero team in San Angelo, is dedicated in a ceremony involving most of the surviving members of the team. The inclusion of Beast Girl in a monument statue of the Liberty Corps sparks some controversy over her blacklisting during the post war "Red Scare." Far-right organizations threaten to picket the dedication, and beast Girl does not appear at the ceremony.

-June 6: Black Phantom captures criminal Sirhan Sirhan after he assassinates Senator Robert Kennedy. It is discovered that he has connections with VIPER. The Iroquois superhero called Rainmaker makes his public debut. Steel Shark, an Atlantean rebel and supervillain, temporarily seizes control of the Atlantean army and attacks Florida. The Fabulous Five and Queen Mara narrowly defeat him. DEMON steals the Basilisk Orb and becomes regarded by the world as a significant superhuman threat. The Soviet Union establishes the People's Legion, its official Superteam. The Legion disintegrates in the late '80s as the Soviet Union itself crumbles.


-March 30: Newly elected president Nixon cuts all funding from the android creation program. Markus Black, the warlord, becomes president for life of Maraket.

-July 24: Neil Armstrong is the first man on the moon. Peter Renton, son of Amazing Man and Siren of the Fabulous Five, eventually to become the second Amazing Man, is born. The United States reveals its first "official" superhuman, the All-American. A Star*Guardian is assigned to our Solar System for the first time by the Odragans. Brin Rei Tarn, of the planet Dendris, establishes a base on Jupiter's moon Europa, and then comes to Earth regularly. While here, he becomes an unofficial member of the Sentinels.


-April 10: American eagle leaves the Minutemen and goes to Chicago to start a new group.

- August 29: Mark Nine's daughter (who would one day become Silver Shadow) is born.

- September 30: Mastermind erases Sniper's memory. The Fabulous Five free the Sentinels on the Moon. Amazing Man and Siren retire from the team, and are replaced by Kestrel and Scirocco.


- May 14: Freedom Squad formed in Chicago by American Eagle II. Other members are Black Phantom, and Hardhat.

- June 10: Dr. Sebastian Poe, the founder of PSI, publishes his findings on cerebellic mutations in a government report.

- October 13: The Wealthy Medina family gives their two twin children, Isabella (Mentalla) and Alexandro (Menton) to the evil scientist known as Dr. Destroyer. Destroyer indoctrinates the children and bonds them with alien entities in his psionics program. The Ministry of Superhuman Affairs sponsors the creation of the New Knights of the Round Table, Britain's official Superteam. 



-May 1: The Transmuter kills Sunwarrior. Jennifer Anne Ward (Black Mask X) is born. Dr. Yvette Ste. Germaine founds L'Institute Thoth, a think tank and research laboratory devoted to the study of all aspects of "paraphysics". The United States Department of Defence issues its first Superhuman Survey. David Farquar begins the newsletter that will eventually become Super World Magazine.


-April 4: Doctor Sebastian Poe founds The Parapsychological Studies Institute (PSI) to study superhuman phenomena.

-June 17: The Transmuter joins the Zodiac as Libra July-September: Raven creates a number of oil crises throughout the world, in order to decrease political stability. The Mandaarians, an enigmatic alien species, first visit Earth as peaceful explorers. Later visits occur in 1979, 1984, 1991, and 1999.


-March 4: L'lnstitut Thoth is inaugurated in Switzerland.

-March 18: Eric Wraith escapes the Ancient One's dimension and arrives on Earth to one day become Dr. Wraith.

-June 17: The Swordfish is sunk in the Marians Trench in a battle with Professor Masterson and his phoney Atlantis. Masterson is defeated, however, and there are no casualties.

-August 9: President Richard Nixon resigns from office over the Watergate Scandal. James Harmon IV (Defender) is born. Brendan Grant (Kinetik) is born. Bethany (Witchcraft) and Pamela (Tailsman) Duquesne are born. The Advanced Research Group is founded as a corporation. The American superhero Ricochet, while working for the CIA, is killed in Paris by GRU assassins.


-April 21: Crusader begins his crime-fighting career by bringing in three known cop-killers. June 10: Peacemonger, a notorious terrorist, establishes the Atlas organization.

-July 18: Crusader stops the rampage of a government "Ubermensch" subject (from the super-soldier program) who had gone insane. The soldier dies when he falls from the top of the Empire State Building.

-December 14: Thok crash lands on Earth, and is captured by NASA.

-Dr. Destroyer first appears. His attempt to conquer California and the world is narrowly defeated by a large group of superhumans; Kid Chameleon and Ocelot are killed.

-David Ward's wife, Sharon, dies, David never remarries, and since he has no son, assumes the mask will either pass to another family or the legend will end with him.

-Mark Whitaker (Nighthawk) is born in Detroit.

-Kenji Hayashida (Shugoshin) is born in Japan.

-Danar Nicole quits the European Parliament in disgust, undergoes the treatments that transform him into the villainous Fiacho, and begins forming Eurostar.


-January 21: Fiacho recruits Durak as the first member of his new supervillain team Eurostar in East Germany.

-February 2: Thok escapes from the Department of Defence.

-June 19: Dr. J. A. Quest creates StarGuard International.

-October 13: Eurostar becomes a trio as Bora joins in Rome.

-October 14: Fiacho introduces Pantera, who he had encountered the night before, to the rest of Eurostar. She joins the team, and the villains leave Rome.

-November 21: Dr. Destroyer uses a satellite to attempt to mentally control the world. The Minutemen, Crusader, and the Freedom Squad work together to defeat him. The plot is foiled, but Destroyer escapes, announcing that it was all a part of a much larger plan.

-December 2: Eurostar breaks Le Sone out of prison to add him to the team as a gadgeteer.

-Queen Mara's twins, Prince Marus and Princess Thalassa of Atlantis are born.


-February 17: Eurostar first appears, releasing its Eurostar Manifesto and raids a Russian Gold Depository, soundly defeating the Russian hero Ivan.

-April 27: The detective who would be Sagittarius discovers the existence of the Zodiac and joins them.

-June 16: Eurostar attacks an UNTIL base in France, killing 36 agents and stealing vital computer codes

-August 3: John and Margaret Harrington (Thunder and Lightning) gain their powers in a thunderstorm.

-August 5: The Invisible Empire is smashed.

-September 14: Thok breaks into a government installation in Charlottesville, VA to steal some parts to rebuild his ship. Cavalier I stops him.

-October 12: Hyperion opens Sanctuary.

-The Gardoon attempt to conquer Earth and are driven off by a force of Earth's superhumans that include many supervillains (Dr. Destroyer among them).


-March 10: Eurostar finishes building its base in Switzerland.

-April 16: The Watchmaker begins operations in London.

-April 19: Martha Bradshaw discovers the Ultraviolet Bracers.

-May 1: Martha's boyfriend, Paul Nogle, is killed attempting a robbery in San Antonio, Texas. Martha discovers the power of the bracers and escapes from the police.

-May 13: Dr. Lirby Koo befriends Ultraviolet in Texas.

-June 24: Ultraviolet is sent by Dr. Koo to raid a DEMON base. There, she encounters Dart, who was also attacking the base.

-July 13: Taurus recruits a rock musician to join the Zodiac as Leo.

-September 2: The Golden Avenger makes his first public appearance on television during a presidential press conference announcing his existence as America's foremost protector and hero.

-September 21: VIPER experiments on Rick Donaldson who becomes Pile Driver. He promptly abandons his benefactors in the proud tradition of VIPER-created supers.

-The United States completes the construction of Stronghold, the world's first prison designed solely to contain superhuman criminals.

-Canada establishes an official Superteam, the Northern Guard.

-Great Britain passes a law concerning the registration of superhumans.

-Scirocco succumbs to mental illness and becomes a Supervillainess.


-March 12: The Trephar rediscover Earth.

-April 29: VIPER agents, after attempting to track down Crimebuster, capture his son, Dr. Elias James McQuark. They attempt to get him to work for them, but the hero Radion rescues him just in time.

-May 3: PSI begins using its first psionic agent, Violet Lotus.

-July 14: While robbing a gold shipment, Ultraviolet and Dart encounter Diamond, who joins the two.

-October 4: The Soviet Union forms the Comintern, a group of Eastern Bloc paranormals, led by the Premier, a Politburo political officer. This group goes on to help the Soviet war in Afghanistan considerably.

-November 29: Blackstar battles Crusader. Due to the proximity of a TV station, the battle is televised. Blackstar escapes from police after thoroughly beating the vigilante.

-General Lorenco Joao Garrastazu e Silva takes power in Chiquador.

-The Slug appears, and nearly succeeds in transforming everyone in New York City into Elder Worms.

-A terrible industrial accident creates the monstrous Grond.


-January 13: The Minutemen break up officially. Lady Victory retires, Fleetfoot goes on to pursue a solo career, and Captain Star begins to work directly for the government.

-February 7: Quasar lands on Earth to warn its people of the coming of Firewing. PRIMUS forces, alerted by StarGuard International, arrive on the scene and attempt to capture him. Quasar spends the next few days on the run.

-February 12: Firewing comes to Earth. PRIMUS moves to intercept him, and 23 agents are killed.

-February 14: Valentines' Day Battle Firewing makes it to San Francisco, where Dr. Wraith, Maelstrom, Helios confront him, Silverf island Quasar. A terrific battle ensues, and Firewing was defeated. The heroes decide to form the Protectors.

-March 13: Taurus and Leo of the Zodiac interrupt the ninja assassin Antares in mid-assignment after a brief battle, the assassin is forced to join the group as Scorpio.

-March 17: Ultraviolet and Dart are married. Dr. Koo and the Geodesies finish their Mexican underground base.

-April 10: Quantum and Defender apprehend Thunder and Lightning. A judge sentences them to become public superheroes for one year.

-May 2: Sir John Aleister, a British noble and well-known mutant (who would one day become the villain White Flame), is imprisoned for the vigilante murder of his wife's killers.

-May 12: Robin Farnol is struck by lightning and gains superhuman powers.

-June 2: Citadel joins the Miami Superteam the Gold Coast Guardians.

-June 14: Charger battles American Eagle II in Chicago. Charger defeats the hero, but he is forced to leave because of the appearance of Captain Thunder.

-July 4: The Champions are formed. The founding members are Defender, Centurion, Quantum, Jaguar, Mecha and Peregrine.

-July 20: The Department of Defense creates Operation: Super-Shell.

-August 3: Neutron attempts to create a mind-control device, but the experiment fails. However, the resulting accident gives Arc his powers, and he joins Neutron.

-August 14: Damian Pomegranate is released while awaiting his second trial after the first resulted in a hung jury.

-October 13: Dr. McQuark's Superhero Supply and Gymnasium officially opens for business.

-November 17: Violet Lotus escapes from PSI and flees to Canada.

-The Advanced Research Group changes its name to the Advanced Research Group Enterprises (ARGENT) as a marketing ploy.

-Following an attempt by Dr. Destroyer to conquer the United States using several supervillains as pawns, Congress passes the American Superhuman and Paranormal Registration Act.


-January 10: UNTIL agents capture the villain Sapper in Canada

-January 24: Ultraviolet gives birth to twin daughters, Brandi and Brenda.

-January 26: UNTIL attacks and takes over the base of KRONOS, putting them out of "business."

-A corrupt US Army Major named Craig Vandersnoot takes on the moniker of Mechassassin escapes from custody with NATO's new armored suit to begin his career of crime.

-February 1: The Champions raid a VIPER nest and recover stolen vials of the Cyberline drug, which helped create the Golden Avenger and the Silver Avengers, before the villains can analyze them.

-February 2: Continuing a series of great victories, UNTIL agents raid the Geodesies' base, destroying and supposedly killing Dr. Lirby Koo. Ultraviolet, Dart and Diamond are not captured, however, as they are not present at the time.

-February 10: in a fit of revenge, the Nest Leader sends VIPER agents to attack Homestead, the Champion's new base. Great damage is caused. The agents are defeated, but Defender decides to create a robot, which will protect the base from any attacker.

-February 25: The Geodesies raid an UNTIL base in retaliation for the destruction of their base during the raid, they encounter Orb I, who was attempting to escape.

-March 13: Violet Lotus is recruited by Capricorn to join the Zodiac as Virgo.

-March 17:Mechanon, protector of Homestead, the Champions base, goes haywire due to faulty programming. He defeats the Champions, leaving them for dead, and escapes, seeking a way to destroy humanity. Defender, Mechanon's creator, goes into an uncharacteristic fit a depression that lasts for weeks.

-April 10: Their year of serving as superheroes over, Thunder and Lightning become supervillains by attacking and robbing the headquarters of The Unicorn (not to be confused with the member of Atlas by the same name), a San Francisco crimelord.

-April 29: The Capitol Patrol is formed in Washington DC. The founding members are Igneous, Voyager, Max Bowman, Revenant, Shadow Wolf and Fleetfoot.

-May 1: Binder is freed from Stronghold when Dr. Destroyer demolishes it to free Grond to play a part in his plan. Grond refuses Destroyer's offer, but Binder tries to accept in his place. Destroyer laughs.

-May 30: Neutron and Arc are captured and imprisoned by the Protectors.

-June 5: The Project Sunburst experiment is conducted.

-June 7: Sunburst kills all of the military personnel around him during his debriefing after Project Sunburst. He and the other survivors of the project go off to form the supervillain group of the same name.

-June 10: The Whip battles Revenant and Shadow Wolf of the Capitol Patrol. He is captured, but escapes before imprisonment with the help of other KGB agents.

-June 13: Neutron and Arc escape prison.

-June 20: Northern Star battles High Voltage in Oslo, Norway when the villain attempts to break into a bank. He is vanquished and brought to justice by the Norwegian heroine.

-July 27: Professor Muerte creates the villain Giganto. The two battle, and Muerte wins, subduing Giganto to psychologically condition him into serving the mastermind.

-July 29: Harry Hogan, once the Golden Age hero known as Sky Ranger, publishes Wings of Liberty, his memoir on the adventures of the Liberty Corps. The book is a moderate best seller.

-August 1: Mechanon and Firewing clash in Los Angeles. Great destruction is caused. Mechanon's form is destroyed, but not before his consciousness escapes into a nearby computer. From this point on, Mechanon always has at least one extra body to transfer into.

-August 13: Mechassassin goes to work for Eurostar.

-September 3: Peregrine leaves the Champions to give her a more "normal" life, although she remains a solo hero.

-September 28: Soviet leader Brezhnev tells KGB-chief Andropov to develop the Supreme Soviet team, after a number of successes with the Comintern.

-October 17: the Protectors recruit The Huntsman.

-October 19: The Rainbow Archer tries to kill the Crusader for his use of violence. She is defeated and imprisoned.

-October 25:The police attempt to gain entrance to Sanctuary to apprehend the vigilante Sniper, who was framed for murder by the villain Sharpes. Voyager, Quantum and Mind Titan stop them, enforcing the sanctuary of Sanctuary.

-November 3: PSI superbeings, on their first group "mission," kill Salvador Luciano and a number of other mobsters who had been controlling the institute. This act firmly establishes their place in the criminal world.

-November 10: Binder manages to establish a partnership with Plasmoid. Binder refers to them as the Ultimates.

-November 13: The Conquerors are born as Anklyosaur and Wyvern join Neutron and Arc.

-December 29: Black Paladin is awoken from his centuries long slumber. The gorilla who will be known as Dr. Silverback is captured by mercenary animal traders in Rwanda and sold to Dr. Phillippe Moreau. Corazon Valenzuela (Sapphire) is born in Los Angeles. DEMON lures four superheroes and several UNTIL officers into an ambush, slaughtering them all as a sacrifice to dark underworld gods. The first Northern Guard team splits up. Scandal rocks the New Knights of the Round Table, significantly diminishing the group's reputation.


-January 14: Psilad joins the Capitol Patrol.

-February 10: Scorpia officially becomes a member of Terror, Inc.

-February 22: Slick is caught and imprisoned while making a bank robbery.

-February 24: The Clansman recruits the Consul for membership in the new group, The New Knights of the Round Table.

-March 11: Panda, on a mission from PSI to hunt down the VIPER operative Raccoon in the Midwest, falls in love with her target and they join forces.

-March 13: The Whip attacks Dimension Man I, and almost kills him.

-March 14: VIPER finds Panda and Raccoon, and attempts to eliminate Panda. Numerous VIPER agents are slain by Raccoon as Panda makes her escape.

-April 2: The Ultimates run into Black Star while robbing a shipment of gold. They join forces.

-April 20: Ace joins the Protectors.

-May 10: The Swordfish II, the first of a fleet of such crime fighting/exploratory craft, is launched by UNTIL.

-May 17: The Gurkha joins the New Knights of the Round Table.

-May 19: The Conquerors battle the Capitol Patrol on the Lincoln Memorial as the villains attempt to plant a bomb. The bomb is defused, but the Conquerors get away.

-May 24: The Rangers are formed in the Southern U.S. Based in Austin the members are the Green Avenger, Peacekeeper I, Ricochet, Mind Master, and Speedtrap.

-May 27: Physicist Hal Revette, a junior scientist at the creation of a freak singularity in 1936, succeeds in a 45-year effort to purposely create a singularity. Revette hoped to form a captive singularity as a power source, but an unexpected burst of energy destroys his equipment and university laboratory. Revette is believed dead, and the infinitely dense singularity sinks below the Earth's surface in an irregular orbit around the planet's core. Like its 1936 predecessor, the singularity emits bizarre "flux" radiation, acting as a catalyst to the development of superpowers by some individuals. The greatest concentration of supers is created near San Angelo, the epicentre of the radiation, but paranormals soon appear around the world. The connection between Revette's failed experiment, "flux" radiation and superpowers remains unknown, however.

-June 3: Exo-Skeleton Man joins forces with Foxbat. June 9: Obsidian lands on Earth and joins the Champions.

-June 12: Panda and Raccoon are married.

-June 30: The Ultimates attack Charger, and Charger ends up joining the group.

-July 1: Albion is recruited into the New Knights of the Round Table in a Norfolk, England hospital.

-July 13: Eric Rahn finds the Earth Crown of Krim and becomes the Earthmaster.

-July 17: STOP is formed in England in response to VIPER and supervillain activities.

-August 4: Mechassassin kills Talon in Switzerland, as Talon tries to break into Eurostar's base.

-September 9: PSI and VIPER clash in Detroit as they both attempt to apprehend Panda and Raccoon.

-September 12 Bullet and Big John join forces.

-October 14: Captain Star, backed by the government, attempts to apprehend Black Mamba within Sanctuary. The staff stops him.

-October 17: Oculon attempts to find the villain Powerhouse for VIPER in Baltimore. Instead, he encounters Icicle, and their battle draws much attention. Fleetfoot and Balefire in Baltimore capture Oculon as he tries to flee from his foe. Balefire joins the Capitol Patrol. November 6: The mutant daughter of Mark Nine, Silver Shadow, joins the New Knights of the Round Table.

-November 24: Genocide hunts down and kills the mutant, Multo.

-December 15: Linda Larson graduates recruit training and goes to work for PRIMUS Intelligence.

-December 17: Golden Marauder recruits Rakshasa in India to join his new supervillain group, Villains International.

-December 20: Golden Marauder attempts to recruit Dervish, but the villain is already working for Raven. Rakshasa attempts to kill Dervish out of spite, and Dervish flees after a short scuffle. Don "Captain Patriot" Randall dies of a heart attack. Annette Berkelheimer founds the Institute for Human Advancement (IHA) to champion the cause of "true humans" over mutants and superhumans.


-January 5: The Protectors battle the Ultimates in San Francisco. The Ultimates lose, but none are captured.

-January 12: The Whip is sent by the KGB to eliminate the members of Eurostar individually. Bora, his first target, drops him from a high altitude, thinking him dead. He is greatly injured, but alive.

-January 27: Odyssey Research Foundation opens.

-February 10: The Ultimates break Slick out of jail, and he gratefully joins their ranks.

-February 15: Herculan lands on Earth.

-February 29: Powershift in Central Park captures Boa Constrictor.

-March 3: VOICE supervillains attack Bullet and Big John. Starseer becomes accidentally involved, and joins Bullet and Big John, forming the Raiders.

-April 14: the Watchmaker forms The London Watch. The founding members are: Dr. Goldwing, Repulse, Swift Swallow, Mole and Yeoman.

-June 12: A strange meteor strikes a Soviet spacecraft. The three cosmonauts survive, and all gain paranormal powers as a result of the accident. They go on to become Sputnik, Soyuz and St. Peter's Star.

-June 23: Captain Thunder dies, passing the power onto his son, who will eventually become Renegade.

-July 4: All communications in the US are jammed to make way for a blackmail announcement from Deathstroke. Deathstroke threatens to cause a meltdown of all nuclear plants if the US does not surrender itself to the villains.

-July 5: Renegade joins the Protectors.

-July 6: The nuclear reactor at Three Mile Island experiences a sudden and inexplicable pre-meltdown condition. Deathstroke is blamed.

-July 7: Deathstroke is defeated in their secret base by the Rangers, and the threat of nuclear accidents is alleviated.

-July 10: Sea Change leaves Lyonesse.

-July 15: Villains International goes to the Greece to recruit the mysterious Oracle as a member, but she is not to be found. Instead, Golden Marauder and Rakshasa encounter the German villain Master Stroke who is in Greece hiding from Euroguard, a European superhero group. The three villains team up to battle the heroes, but Master Stroke is captured, and the other two flee.

-August 25: The Fox of Crime leads his group of hired villains: Shrinker, Armadillo, Bluejay, Brick, Ogre, Lightning and Thunder to make a raid on Fort Knox. The new superhero group, the Bayou Brigade, stops the raid.

-September 21: The members of Deathstroke, disguised as the Rangers, break into a PRIMUS base and steal important government documents.

-October 10: The Rangers catch up with Deathstroke in Dallas, as the villains continue their scheme to discredit the heroes. After a pitched battle, the members of Deathstroke flee to the Mideast to sell various government secrets they have stolen (in the Rangers' guises) to the highest bidder.

-October 15: Trailing their enemies Deathstroke, the Rangers encounter the Comintern in Lebanon. A battle ensues, and the vicious Green Avenger kills the Premier, Captain Communist, and the Polish Star in a fit of frustration. This results in an international incident, and the Rangers are forced to go underground, as they become outlaw heroes in the U.S.

-October 24: Sleeper recruits Terastar for his group Plunder.

-November 2: Indigo marries the mutant girl Mara Jacobs. The two leave PSI.

-November 19: Sea Change joins the London Watch.

-December 14: Armadillo joins Project Sunburst.

-December 18: Orrad and another, unknown alien stop a group of plane hijackers on their way to the Middle East. The alien accidentally kills some of the criminals, and then kills himself in remorse. ARGENT is exposed as a criminal organization. Its leaders flee the United States. All members of Ameriforce One, the United States's superhuman SEAL team, are killed when a Soviet sub they are trying to recover explodes.


-January 5: VIPER agents who attempt to kidnap the two mutants kill Indigo's wife. Indigo rejoins PSI.

-January 9: The Gold Coast Guardians (GCG) hires "Linda Landis".

-January 16: Soviet Chairman Andropov merges the Comintern with the Supreme Soviets under Colonel Vasalov.

-January 23: The Conquerors, after committing a long series of terrorist acts in Saudi Arabia, are defeated by the Champions in Riyadh.

-February 4: Avar-7 lands on Earth and decides to become a superhero.

-February 11: Fear finishes creating the Seven Horsemen, and they attack a small town in Mexico, destroying it utterly.

-March 19: Fleetfoot leaves the Capitol Patrol to go solo once again, vowing that he'd never join another team. There is bad blood between the hero and the rest of the team, which continues into the present.

-March 21: An unknown villain called Hexmaster, leading the villains Volcano, Sensor and Titaness, kidnaps the mayor of New York. The Champions defeat the villains, and rescue the mayor, but Hexmaster proves to simply be a decoy robot of the real villain.

-April 10: A bill, which would restrict the activities of superpowered individuals in defeated in the Senate due in part to the lobbying of Sanctuary representatives and the speeches given by Rep. Clayton Mansfield.

-April 19: Genocide and PSI first battle each other, causing massive amounts of damage to the St. Louis area.

-April 20: VIPER agents attack Sanctuary in retaliation for their influence on the Paranormal Restriction Bill. The Capitol Patrol and Project Sunburst, who happen to be at Sanctuary at the time, fend them off.

-April 29: Avar-7 is captured in a battle with Mechanon.

-May 10: The Swordfish agents and the hero Seaspray stop an invasion of Bermuda by Atlantis before it gets a chance to start.

-May 26: Black Claw, Gremlin and Black Diamond form GRAB.

-June 17: PRIMUS agents apprehend Freon on one of his first robberies.

-June 19: The Metropolitan Extraterrestrial Enclave (METE) is set up, financially backed by the Champions, and the Protectors. The alien hero Orrad is a major figure within the organization.

-July 7: Warhawk joins the Champions as the Hero Hunt begins, and villains all over the world assault heroes. The battle begins when Vibron, Death Rider, Monopole, Ripper, Pulsar, Deathsinger, and Frost all attack the Champions in Central Park. The heroes barely manage to drive the villains away.

-July 10: Avar-7, reprogrammed, escapes from Mechanon's control.

-July 11: Black Diamond, Gremlin, Terastar, Bulldozer and Mentalax attack the Protectors as part of the Hero Hunt, but all are imprisoned.

-July 14: Mechassassin, having left Eurostar, becomes head of security for DEMON.

-July 16: Shrinker, Monopole, Powerhouse, Death Commando, Fusion, Black Raven, Thunderbolt, Oculon and Power Crusher attack the Capitol Patrol, beating them and earning a high ranking in the supervillain "contest" known as the Hero Hunt.

-July 18: Black Paladin and Firewing trash Warhawk and Obsidian outside of the Champion's base in the Hero Hunt.

-July 19: Freon battles Powershift for the Hero Hunt, but is beaten and goes to jail.

-July 20: The Ripper holds a number of businessmen hostages in the Sears Tower in Chicago, demanding that American Eagle show up so that he can defeat him for the Hero Hunt. The hero shows up, but is ambushed by Utility and Vibron. Ripper angered that they have attempted to take away his points, trashes the villains instead.

-July 25: Firewing draws Powershift into a battle in the middle of Yankee Stadium. Firewing wins, and flies away with more Hero Hunt Points.

-July 27: Oculon ambushes the heroine Peregrine and actually beats her, earning Hero Hunt points.

-August 3: The Geodesies attack Fleetfoot and defeat him, leaving him unconscious in the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC for the Hero Hunt.

-August 7: Ogre beats Crusader in a fight in Boston. Ogre leaves the hero after thrashing him, knowing that he has earned considerable Hero Hunt points.

-August 10: Sledge and Piledriver team up to commit a large and showy bank robbery in Dallas, hoping to draw a superhero or two so that they can earn points in the Hero Hunt. None come, although VIPER finally catches up with the two villains, whom they have been looking for years (both are the results of VIPER experiments, but escaped). Sledge is killed, and Piledriver is captured. The VIPER agent’s remove the cybernetic arm, realizing that he has been rendered powerless they let him go.

-August 12: Thunder and Lightning attack Quantum for the Hero Hunt, but she defeats them.

-August 13: The first phase of the Hero Hunt is over. Black Paladin, Firewing, Oculon, Shrinker, Powerhouse and Ogre advance to the second phase. In this phase, the villains must capture heroes and bring them to the mastermind behind the contest.

-August 16: Oculon attempts to capture Powershift for the Hero Hunt and is easily defeated.

-August 17: Firewing captures Warhawk for the Hero Hunt.

-August 18: Angered, Powerhouse tries to stop Ogre from capturing Balefire for the Hero Hunt. Ogre beats Powerhouse, but the hero gets away.

-August 19: Rainbow Archer escapes from prison and joins with GRAB for one robbery, and then leaves. Also, Black Paladin captures Defender for the Hero Hunt.

-August 21: Shrinker lures American Eagle into a trap, capturing him for the Hero Hunt.

-August 22: Ogre captures Powershift. Phase Two of the Hero Hunt ends.

-August 25: Phase Three of the Hero Hunt begins, in which all of the villains, Shrinker, Ogre, Black Paladin and Firewing must all fight to the death to show who is the most powerful of all. All of the villains involved in the previous phases are there, watching. During the battle, Menton (who has been involved in all of this only as an agent for Dr. Destroyer and so has made no attempt to win) frees American Eagle, Powershift, Warhawk, and Defender. The heroes summon the members of their respective teams (the Champions and the Freedom Squad) as well as the Capitol Patrol and the Protectors to the location of the final battle of the supervillains. An epic battle takes place in which the mastermind behind the contest, Malachite, is revealed and beaten. Numerous villains are apprehended, while many others flee.

-August 28: The PSI-KIN are first used by PSI to eliminate two anti-mutant senators. The senators are both killed.

-September 3: Mongoose makes his first attack against Coil agents as they attempt to rob a bank in Chicago.

-September 13: Mecha of the Champions is slain in an ambush by Mechanon. The villainous robot then poses as the armored hero to attack the other Champions.

-September 14: Mechanon first appears as a villain attempting to destroy humanity with America's nuclear arsenal and is destroyed in a battle with the Champions and Avar-7 (in which Avar-7 helped defeat the villain and then turned on the heroes) but Mechanon manages to send a signal to one of his bases to create a new body for himself. This time, however, there is a female intruder in the base, and the base uses her to create a new Mechanon. The spirit of the dead hero Mecha attempts to interfere with this process but accidentally enters the woman. This fusion of spirit, programming and robotics disrupts the lab's attempts and creates a new, different being. Thus Engineer is born. Mechanon's consciousness, still in the base's computer, sends a building signal to another hidden lab to begin construction of a body for him. Engineer escapes with Mecha's contempt for Mechanon, but sharing the robot's contempt for all life.

-September 18: Lyndon Johnson Kaufman, a Silver Avenger, defects to the Soviet Union in the Central American nation of Guamanga. He joins the Supreme Soviets and becomes Red Shield.

-October 14: Terastar recruits Silver Dragon into Plunder after a battle with UNTIL agents in Alberta, Canada.

-November 25: The Whip, after leaving the KGB, joins with Utility.

-November 27: The Circle learns that the demonic entity Krim is to blame for the existence of Dark Seraph's Iron Crown, Earthmaster's Earth Crown, and Grandmaster's Stone Crown. Dark Seraph defeats the heroes when they attempt to confront him to tell him that Krim is using him. They retreat, but dedicate themselves in stopping Krim and his plans for the Earth.

-December 1: Engineer, in the guise of Mechanon, hires Titaness, Brick, Vibron, and Fire and Ice to assassinate prominent UNTIL and SAT agents, proclaiming "The New Order." Three such agents are killed, but Fire and Ice and Brick are apprehended.

-December 2: Linda Larson tips off the Miami Herald about Citadel's affair with Susan Marks, ending his career as a hero.

-December 4: The Capitol Patrol, manipulated by faked messages sent by Engineer, discover Mechanon's whereabouts and attack him. After a long fight, Mechanon defeats the heroes, but during the battle, deduces that it was the Engineer who led them to him. Rather then kill or capture the unconscious heroes, he flies off to find Engineer.

-December 18: Doc Sonic joins the Protectors, just in time for her to help the group stop the murderous spree of the monster known as Leech. The sorcerer whom he serves rescues Leech.

-Dr. Philippe Moreau's experiments in "genetic advancement" have their first, accidental success when he grants superhuman intelligence to the gorilla who will become Dr. Silverback.

-The second Gadroon invasion is easily defeated.

-Canada forms a second Northern Guard.



-January 16: Terror, Inc. battles the South American team, the Victores, as they attempt to kidnap the President of Argentina. The villains are soundly defeated, but manage to escape capture.

-January 19: Earthbrother and Aspen defeat the ReDirection Cartel's criminal operations in London.

-February 1: Lady Blue breaks into a warehouse of the Briar Chemicals Company in Los Angeles to expose illegal chemicals. The Protectors try to stop her, but in the ensuing battle, a worker is doused by the illegal chemicals and transformed into Hideous. Then Hideous knocks out Lady Blue and escapes with her into the woods.

-February 2: Hideous is driven out of the woods by a battle between Slug and Thunderbolt, who had accidentally ran into each other. The other villains are also driven away when Lady Blue awakens, angry. She has hunted Hideous ever since.

-February 10: After a long series of chases throughout Central America, UNTIL agents finally capture the Geodesies and Orb I is killed during the fight.

-February 19: The Circle, continuing their campaign against the entity Krim, defeats Earthmaster and turn over the Earth Crown to PRIMUS for safekeeping.

-February 21: The Marks Divorce hearings conclude. Citadel, a broken hero, disappears.

-February 28: Eurostar attacks Sanctuary to get at the alien Enon. They are forced to retreat by the staff, the Champions (who were there at the time), and Euroguard, who had followed the villains to the U.S.

-March 2: A wind-powered hero known as Twister appears in San Angelo, rescuing construction workers from a collapsing building.

-March 11: The Protectors and PRIMUS capture Pile Driver.

-March 13: Phobos and Deimos offer their services to Plunder.

-March 30: Ladybug attacks Warhawk in Manhattan, and humiliates him.

-The Gold Coast Guardians disband.

-April 4: Earth-Brother, Aspen, Starline, Wintershade and Weather-Ring form the Nightwatch.

-April 17: Centurion leaves the Champions and retires from his superhero career to lead a normal life.

-May 5: Mutaphetamine becomes publicly available.

-May 10: VIPER agents, with the help of Chameleon, trick PRIMUS agents (including the Golden Avenger) into attacking the Champions while they attack the New York PRIMUS base to steal the Earth Crown of Krim, which is held there. The Champions manage to convince the PRIMUS forces that they have been tricked, and the VIPER agents stealing the crown are intercepted and stopped.

-June 3: After leaving Utility as sworn enemies, the Whip joins with the members of GRAB for a major jewel heist in San Diego. The Protectors chase them down and imprison them all.

-June 4: The Conquerors replace President Reagan with a mutant shapeshifter. Genocide detects the mutant in the White House, however, and their Minuteman Robots kill the mutant and severely wound Neutron, the group's leader.

-July 14: Remover crashes on Earth and is taken to METE.

-August 13: The Olympians are finally able to open the portal to Earth once again, but are astonished to see how much time has passed. They once again begin to interact with humans, although most people believe them only to be superbeings and not gods.

-August 28: Brainstorm escapes from PSI, and becomes a crimefighter.

-September 4: PRIMUS, lead by a Silver Avenger; attempt to gain entry to Sanctuary to apprehend Halfjack. The staff and the Protectors stop them.

-September 13: Mechanon opens a portal to Earth II (also known as Strike Force Earth), sending the unwitting Avar-7 there as a scout to discover if Mechanon has a counterpart on that alternate world, using one last ability he had programmed into him while in his possession. With this ability Mechanon was able to see through the other robot's eyes. Avar-7 battles Strike Force members one by one and defeats them.

-September 14: The Champions come to Earth II and rescue Strike Force. Together the two groups send Avar-7 back to Earth I and defeat Mechanon. October 12: In another senseless act of violence, the Seven Horsemen attack an Albanian city, causing great damage.

-October 30: PSI battles the Genocide Minuteman Robots in Chicago. The battle attracts the attention of the Freedom Squad, who ends up forcing both sides to retreat. SAT, as well as a number of super hero groups, begin to track PSI's activities, forcing them to become more covert.

-November 1: Remover leaves METE, and encounters Powershift in the Bronx Zoo. The two battle, and though Powershift wins, Remover gets away by freeing the caged tigers to occupy the hero.

-November 3: Feur joins Terror, Inc.

-November 6: Raven tricks Firewing into attacking Sanctuary to kill the Rangers, who are staying there. The staff, the Rangers, Freon, and Mind Titan defeat him.

-November 11: Mongoose and Black Mamba battle in Chicago when Mongoose attempts to stop Coil agents from stealing a priceless Egyptian statue of the god, Set.

-December 24: Blowtorch sets the National Christmas Tree in Washington DC, ablaze. The Capitol Patrol quickly defeats him, and the fire is extinguished.

-Doctor Silverback is rescued from Professor Moreau's labs by the New Knights of the Round Table. Dr. Dina Morrison and other employees of Cambridge Biochemical Labs take him in.

-The Secret Crises, a war across space and time involving almost all of the heroes that had ever existed, occurs.


-January 13: Edward and Anais Vandaleur steal the last of four mystical scrolls, and in so doing discovers that the fifth is in the possession of the aged Masque.

-January 21: Kidnappers take the infant son of wealthy San Angelo financier Alastair McDermont. Alloy, a superstrong hero with a metallic body, rescues the child.

-February 2: Brainstorm joins the Protectors.

-February 8: Crusader battles Snake and Deathblow when he tries to break up Sharpes' criminal operations in Boston. Crusader is overwhelmed, but the vigilante Sniper saves him.

-February 13: Seaspray captures Barnacle and turns him over to the government, who places him in the Sealife Project installation.

-February 16: The Champions hear of Sharpes' operations in Boston and go to apprehend the supervillains. Many of the Blackguard agents that Sharpes employed are captured, but all of the villains escape.

-February 21: Earthmaster escapes from prison and steals back the Earth Crown of Krim from PRIMUS.

-March 15: Eurostar sneaks into an American prison to kill the Whip for his attacks on them long ago. He convinces them to let him join them instead, and they free him from prison.

-March 17: Seeker joins the Champions.

-March 27: Mole marries and retires from superheroing, leaving the London Watch.

-April 10: Edward and Anais Vandaleur attack the home of The Masque, stealing the final magical scroll that they need. Vincent Dimitrios, the apprentice of the Revered Elder, learns of the event and summons the Liberty League (The Masque's old friends and allies) from the past to stop the villains.

-April 14: The Liberty League and The Masque attack the Vandaleurs' lair in the Paris. The villains and their servant defeat them, Leech (who's mystical master is actually a servant of the Vandaleurs) and the Black Paladin, whom they had temporarily, mind controlled. The heroes are mystically imprisoned within their lair.

-April 15: Edward and Anais Vandaleur use five mystical scrolls that they had stolen to give them ultimate power. The Liberty League and The Masque break free from their bonds, just in time to battle and defeat the villains and their servants. The Masque dies soon after from the strain of using his magical spells after so long taking its toll. The Liberty League disappears back into the past, just as the surviving, present-day League members show up (their memories were erased by Dimitrios until hours beforehand) to bury their old friend, finally remembering everything.

-April 26: The Conquerors break their leader, recovered from his injuries, out of prison.

-May 7: The New Knights of the Round Table catch up with Shamrock in Patriot City. The villain escapes, but only after the Hand, hired by Raven to kill the Champions, intervened by mistake (how lucky for Shamrock).

-May 18: Ironside is captured by agents of the ReDirection cartel, but is rescued by Nuada of the Silver Hand. Together, they apprehend a number of the criminals.

-June 14: An accident at a Pennsylvania nuclear power plant (caused by Ringer) gives superpowers to Flower and supposedly to the other members of Mass Reaction.

-July 10: Timemaster organizes the Alliance of Supervillains: Firewing, Lazer, Ogre, Grond, Bulldozer, Griffin, Esper, Beamline, Shrinker, Pulsar, Oculon, Blowtorch and Dragonfly.

-July 22: The Alliance of Supervillains attacks the Champions base, Homestead, and takes control of it, capturing Quantum, Jaguar, and Seeker.

-July 23: The remaining Champions, Warhawk, and Powershift all attempt to liberate Homestead. They fail, and all are captured.

-July 25: The Golden Avenger and 25 PRIMUS agents attack Homestead, only to find the heroes unconscious in their own vault. The villains are gone, but a note is left stating "We have won. We can do whatever we want now. The world shall never be the same."

-July 27: Power Crusher battles VIPER agents and Mechassassin (who is now in VIPER'S employ) in Seattle. VIPER is attempting to kill him for escaping from their service. Power Crusher barely escapes by leaping off of a high building onto the Protector's sky cruiser. The Protectors are in Seattle after being called in to avert the destruction caused by the Ripper, who was seen in the area. The Protectors capture Power Crusher (who escapes before he can be put in prison), thirteen VIPER agents, and the Ripper (who showed up during the battle).

-July 30: The Alliance of Supervillains moves to Washington DC, and attacks the Capitol Patrol. The Heroes are defeated, but the villains are forced to leave when Dr. Destroyer and a number of his agents show up. Destroyer tells the villains that such an alliance is against his will, and so is doomed to failure. The villains leave, shouting that the Protectors are next on their list.

-August 3: Menton, under the direction of Dr. Destroyer, mentally influences Firewing to break up the Alliance of Supervillains. After a large argument and battle, the villains all go their separate ways.

-August 12: Mass Reaction, posing as legitimate superheroes, battle Plunder. They turn over Terastar and Silver Dragon to the Champions.

-September 1: Marietta Grey takes young Kristen Whitfield, a child with precognitive dreams, in at the New Age Temple of Atlantis. Whitfield grows up to become Dreamweaver.

-September 4: Destroyer has Mentalla infiltrate Eurostar.

-September 8: Blazon joins the London Watch.

-September 15: Beamline battles Starburst in New York. Beamline is captured and imprisoned.

-October 10: German terrorists blow up a Canadian military plane over Germany. Later that day, Borealis finds the terrorists and kills them

-October 13: Seaspray is killed by Eurostar on the coast of Spain as they attempt to hijack an UNTIL ship.

-October 23: The Champions learn of Mass Reaction's true aims when they are seen breaking into a US military installation. The resulting battle is swift, but Mass Reaction manages to escape and go into hiding.

-November 28: King Cobra and Coil, including Black Mamba try to capture the Champions. They take Quantum and infect her with the Coil gene.

-December 3: The Champions rescue Quantum from King Cobra and she is cured. Many Coil members are captured, but others, including King Cobra and Black Mamba, escape to another base.

-The French government passes a law requiring the registration of superhumans.

-Thomas Cassidy founds SNN, the Super News Network.


-January 14: Mechanon and Halfjack attempt to capture Grond to make him a Cyborg slave. The battle alerts the Champions and culminates in a huge conflict in a snowy Central Park. Grond escapes and Mechanon self- destructs, apparently killing Halfjack, though his body is not found.

-February 17: The Shark Squad steals the Powerstone of Lyonesse (formerly the weapon Excalibur).

-February 20: A scientist steals the Powerstone from the Shark Squad and uses it to turn himself and three assistants into the Four Winds.

-March 1: VOICE attacks Sanctuary in order to kill Powershift. The staff, Powershift, Sparkler, and the Vincent Dimitrios defeat them.

-March 15: The London Watch tracks down the stone, defeats the Four Winds, and returns the object to Lyonesse.

-March 23: Protectors raid PSI, capturing most of the villains, who are imprisoned. The students are displaced to other institutions. Dr. Poe is put in the Stronghold Asylum for the Criminally Insane.

-March 30: Villains International goes to Japan and recruit Tsunami, defeating the hero Asian who had been pursuing her.

-May 13: Solitaire joins the Champions, fleeing from the sorcerous cabal that trained her.

-June 12: Obsidian stops Bulldozer from robbing a Manhattan Bank. Great destruction is caused by the battle.

-July 6: DEMON forces attempt to capture Powershift to use as an energy source in the mysterious X-Device so that they can summon a powerful Nether Lord. The hero escapes their trap in Manhattan.

-July 10: DEMONFLUX agents again attempt to capture Powershift, this time on Long Island, but the hero is saved by the intervention of Mind Titan.

-July 14: The Champions, responding to a report of a large battle, arrive at the Appleton Mall in Manhattan only to find DEMONFLUX agents and the villains Daigon, Silvar, Volcanon, and Scarab kidnapping Powershift. The villains escape with their target.

-July 16: The Champions travel to an underwater DEMON lair to free Powershift, only to discover that it is a trap for them, and the base is set to self-destruct. The heroes barely escape in time.

-July 18: On an uncharted Atlantic island, the Champions encounter a large force of DEMON servants and the Morbane, Hieronomous. They destroy the X-Device that Powershift has been placed into and free him. Silvar, Daigon, Orb II, and Scarab are apprehended, although the Morbane escapes. Volcanon is destroyed when he is thrown into deep water by Obsidian.

-July 19: Dr. Destroyer recovers Volcanon's amulet from the sea floor, and takes it to a remote area in the Philippines.

-July 29: Linda Larson joins Genocide to infiltrate it for PRIMUS.

-August 13: Freedom Squad is decimated by VOICE. Hardhat, and Dimension Man I are both slain, while the Black Phantom is put into a coma. Although the remaining members and the Champions join forces to defeat the villains, the Freedom Squad falls apart.

-August 15: A landslide accident in the Philippines causes a young man working with a geological survey team to be buried by tons of rock. Under all of this rock, he finds the Amulet of Volcanon left by Dr. Destroyer and manages to put it on. Before anything else can happen, he is engulfed by lava. The man and amulet are forever fused, and the man is turned into a being of living fire and magma, known as Lava.

-September 12: Borealis attempts to begin a coup in Canada. He has surprising popular support.

-September 16: The Canadian Superteam, the Pacific Sentinels, battles Borealis in Ottawa. Borealis is forced to flee, swearing that he will return.

-September 25: Slug attempts to break into a Demonlair force the Morbanes to cast a spell to find the ancient amulet, which will summon the Elder Worms he is driver off.

-October 4: The Circle defeats (and inadvertently kills) the villain Grandmaster. From him, they take the Stone Crown of Krim, which they turn over to PRIMUS (ever though PRIMUS had let Earthmaster get the Earth Crown of Krim back).

-October 18: The Seven Horsemen attack the PRIMUS base in New York where the Stone Crown is being kept They steal the Crown.

-November 6: Eurostar encounters and battles the Monster in Paris. They attempt to capture him, to make him < member or a servant, but he escapes, only after severely; wounding Fiacho.

-November 15: Imperial Lion defeats VIPER agents including Breaking Glass as they attempt to kidnap three wealthy businessmen in Liverpool.

-November 17: The Seven Horsemen, drawn to Norway by the Stone Crown, attack the Oslo airport, causing mass destruction. North Star attempts to stop them, but they quickly vanquished.

-November 18: Members of the Circle, complemented b the sorcerer Vincent Dimitrios go to Norway to battle the Seven Horsemen. They discover the Horsemen at glacier, around a saucer craft of the Ancient Ones. The heroes battle the Horsemen, and Dimitrios finally mar ages to take away the powers given to them by the Worm Scepter. But before the heroes rest, the Servants of the Ancient Ones come forth from the saucer and attack. The heroes eventually manage to defeat them as well and then destroy the craft. The Worm Scepter disappears mysteriously during the battle and is thought to b lost in the ice.

-December 12: Reports of The Shape in the Outback of Australia attract Captain Australia's attention. He intends to investigate the next day.

-December 13: Dr. Destroyer takes the Philippine monster Lava to Sidney, Australia. Captain Australia prevents the monster from causing much damage, but is forced to finally call the Protectors for help. Golden Marauder finds The Shape and recruits her for Villains International.

-December 14: The Protectors arrive in Sidney and he Captain Australia subdue Lava. Meanwhile, the Conquerors break into the Protector's base and make duplicates of all of their files for Dr. Destroyer.

-December 24: Crusader stops Night Shade's attempt cause a blackout in New York City on Christmas Eve Night Shade is apprehended and sent to Stronghold.

-The landmark ruling for nonhuman intelligence on Earth, Dr. Silverback wins his independence and legal status as a citizen of Great Britain.

-Andros, Prince Consort of Atlantis, dies in a tragic accident while exploring.

-Takofanes the Undying Lord arises in Oklahoma and begins marching toward the east Coast. After he kills several superheroes that try and stop him at the Mississippi River, a large group of superheroes band together to defeat him in eastern Kentucky.


-January 14: Borealis sinks a US icebreaker that challenges Canadian sovereignty in the Northwest Passage.

-February 1: White Flame joins Eurostar.

-February 4: The Bayou Brigade finally locates Sparkler in Atlanta. A short battle ends with Sparkler's capture.

-February 10: Grond attacks Sanctuary to kill Bulldozer, but is stopped by the staff, Bulldozer, Defender, and Lady-bug.

-February 23: The FBI arrests Rachel Farnol.

-March 19: Halfjack (who was not killed the previous year, but has returned, a little psychotic) battles Blue Jay as she tries to stop him from randomly killing innocents in a Baltimore shopping centre. Halfjack escapes. Influenced by what Blue Jay said, Halfjack develops a hatred of killing.

-March 23: Dr. McQuark's Superhero Supply and Gymnasium closes its doors due to lack of financial support. The bankrupt doctor disappears.

-April 10: The London Watch battle Eurostar to a standstill in Trafalgar Square. The villains are forced to retreat.

-April 12: The powerful horror known as Crypt emerges from an Indian burial mound in Indiana. The sorceress Shiela Bane, Solitaire of the Champions, and Vincent Dimitrios defeat the creature and magically imprison him.

-April 23: Eurostar attacks Destroyer's installation in Portugal, where Menton is attacking Mentalla. The installation is destroyed in the battle, which ensues between the group and Destroyer, Menton, and the destroids. Mentalla is rescued and joins Eurostar.

-April 28: Karl "the Killer" Knudsen, a professional wrestler, is discovered to be a mutant and goes on a rampage in New York. The Zodiac shows up before the Champions and recruits him as Aries.

-May 8: The Rangers battle Firewing as he attempts to kill the Green Avenger. After a long battle, Firewing is subdued, but then escapes.

-May 10: Villains International arrives in Uganda to recruit Deathmask, but he refuses.

-May 11: While in Uganda, Villains International hears about The Mountain who is hiding in Kenya. The villains go to that nation; kill two African super heroes who are attempting to capture The Mountain, and convince him to join. The hunter known as Bwana also attempts to stop them (The Mountain has a huge price on his head in that nation), but the villains dispatch him easily.

-May 12: The Protectors begin a spree of violent vigilante killings of thugs and criminals.

-May 14: Utility and Crusader fight in Coney Island. Utility beats the vigilante, and publicly humiliates him.

-May 24: Soulfire and Mind Killer of PSI (under the employ of Raven) assassinate three international ambassadors under UNTIL's protection.

-June 1: Ren Westlake, a fugitive war criminal from 2063, arrives in modern San Angelo after fleeing his pursuers through a prototype time-gate.

-June 2: The Protectors kill the Underworld crime lord Unicorn I in a vigilante-style raid.

-June 12: The Champions, after Solitiare's senses alert her that something was magically wrong in San Francisco, battle the Protectors as they attempt to steal an Aztec statue from the Metropolitan Galleries. The Protectors escape.

-June 15: Das Wall apprehends The Red Baron and his henchmen, the Flying Circus, in East Germany while raiding a military armoury. The Red Baron and his men are all violently beaten, but live.

-June 28: The Purifier begins her violent attack against the forces of evil in the U.S.

-July 10: Quasar and Maelstrom kidnap a number of top scientists to build The Armageddon Device.

-July 15: The Champions stop the Purifier and the controlled Protectors with their scheme to destroy the world in an epic battle in a Columbian Jungle.

-July 18: On the way back to the US from Columbia, the Champions intercept a distress call from a Nicaraguan UNTIL team being menaced by Riplash, a powerful Raven agent. The Champions save the UNTIL agents, but the Raven agents Divine Wind, Granite, and Powerhouse prevent them from apprehending Riplash.

-August 3: Crusader and Sniper hunt down Utility and his temporary partners Shrinker and Frizbe, who are all employed by VIPER (at the time). The vigilantes are successful in capturing Shrinker, but Frisbee is killed in the battle.

-August 13: Fleetfoot participates a race for charity in New York. Death Rider attacks him, however, in the middle of the race. The villain is captured and imprisoned.

-August 22: Rachel Farnol is sentenced to ten years in prison.

-August 26: Borealis forms Destiny, with his agents Ladybug, Jackknife and Silhouette.

-October 2: The Shapeshifters battle the Nightwatch in London when the villains attempt to steal jewels from a museum.

-September 8: Grond is persuaded by GRAB to destroy (or at least distract) the Capitol Patrol while they steal the Hope Diamond. The heroes defeat Grond on the lawn of the Capitol Building, while the police and some PRIMUS agents foil the GRAB members. Black Diamond is captured and sent to Stronghold.

-September 6: Chime begins operations as a super heroine in London.

-September 10: Linda Larson returns to PRIMUS Intelligence as a double agent for Genocide.

-September 13: Black Paladin and a coven of witches summon up the spirit of Sir Gawaine to be the first of a new order of evil knights. The resurrected Sir Gawaine will have none of this and barely defeated the villain in a closely fought battle, escaping into the strange world of the twentieth century.

-October 12: Plague and Dragonfly, hired to supplement the Black Chimera Tong of San Francisco, hunt down Firefist in Chinatown. The resulting battle draws the attention of the Protectors, but the villains all escape.

-November 14: Lionslayer joins VOICE as they attempt to rebuild their ranks after their defeat by the Champions.

-November 17: PSI agents Psymon, Impulse and the Inquisitor convince Floater to join them.

-David Ward (Black Mask IX) retires from adventuring and becomes Police Commissioner of Chicago.

-The Chaos-Beast and his horde of reality warping demonic beings attempts to invade the earth and are defeated by the Justice Squadron.

-UNTIL founds its own official Superteam, UNITY.

-The New Knights of the Round Table stop an attack by Samhain, thereby restoring themselves to the public's good graces.


-January 10: The Starspawn who had long been trapped in a strange orb that they had been given by the Minutemen attacks The Champions, reclining within their base. The Minutemen had taken it from the island of Dr. Destroyer after their battle with him in 1976. The Starspawn causes an incredible amount of damage to Homestead and the surrounding areas of Manhattan before the heroes defeat it. Unknown to the heroes, Dr. Destroyer had found the orb (called a Starcrystal) when it originally landed on Earth, learned of its power, and saved it for just such a situation. During the battle with the Starspawn, the villainous group known as the Hand was able to sneak into Homestead, past the damaged defences, and copy some valuable computer files and steal some other items.

-January 13: PSI abducts Violet Wilson (Flashback) from her housing project in Chicago.

-February 2: The Protectors rescue an orphanage from a group of heavily armed terrorists supporting the American Free Army, who have ironically hired a number of foreign super-powered mercenaries (Jackknife, High Voltage and Pumpkin Jack) for muscle. All of the villains and terrorists are captured.

-February 8: Jarth, Vincent Dimitrios' alien disciple, betrays him and gives him over to the evil Tyrannon. Tyrannon places him within the Thanic Rod.

-February 9: Doppleganger and Midnight Sun raid a high tech laboratory in West Germany, encountering and battling Das Wall in one of his last missions as a government "hero." Das Wall apprehends Doppleganger, but she escapes imprisonment in a few months.

-February 10: The Circle defeats the wizard Morjok and his Servocorpse as the villain attempts to alter Earth into one more suited to the use of magic.

-February 19: Dr. Megaton, Fusion and the mercenary group known as the Hand attempt to steal nuclear fuel rods from a California nuclear plant by duping the Protectors into thinking there is a terrorist attack (hired terrorists, also duped by Megaton) and getting them to remove the rods from the plant. Doc Sonic sees through the scheme just in time and the Hand members Lucifer, Boomerang, The Puppeteer, Starhand and Scrambler are all apprehended. However, Megaton gets away with the fuel rods. Unknown to everyone, including the Hand and Fusion Lad, and Dr. Megaton himself, Megaton is actually an intricately programmed android serving the villain Malachite, who needed the fusion rods for himself.

-March 1: Blue Phantom (Dark Prowler's heroic persona) battles Night Shade in Los Angeles. Night Shade is rescued by the Conquerors, who want to recruit him.

-March 8: The Capitol Patrol intervenes in a battle between Auto-Gunner and Krystal Blue at the First Unified National Bank in Washington. The Autogunner and his henchmen are rounded up, but Krystal Blue disappears during the battle.

-April 10: VIPER agents and the supervillains Rajah, Citadel, and Icicle battle PRIMUS agents, the Golden Avenger and three Silver Avengers when the villains attempt to hijack a space shuttle in Cape Canaveral. Citadel is captured.

-May 6: Seeker, Obsidian and Quantum of the Champions are kidnapped by Atlas and taken to The Hope of the Future, a base on the moon for examination and experimentation regarding the Q'rrm Effect, an alien energy source that gives humans superpowers.

-May 7: Within The Hope of the Future, Seeker, Obsidian and Quantum encounter Genetic Deviant X and the Atlas supervillains, including their leader, Peacemonger, who is grievously wounded in the battle. The heroes escape to Earth in a damaged space shuttle, encountering the strange Q'rrm Effect.

-May 15: The Conquerors are apprehended by UNTIL in France, and turned over to that nations government to be tried for a crime spree that they have committed in that country in the last two months.

-June 14: Fleetfoot dies of a heart attack in his Manhattan townhouse.

-June 15: Hurricane Zeima threatens Sealife Project, and the Protectors attempt to save it and its personnel. Supervillains created and/or detained there escape, after a major power outage of the project facility and a brief battle with the heroes. The escaped villains join together and form the Aquans.

-June 19: Citadel pleas guilty to reduced charges and is sentenced to eighteen months in Stronghold.

-July 20: The Aquans kidnap Dr. Kepler from a Worldview News studio to interpret an old alchemical scroll.

-July 23: The Aquans break into Sealife Project to steal alchemical information on the creation of an incredibly powerful nerve gas. At the same time, OCEANUS raids the Project. The protectors come to the installation's rescue again, but Nereid, Porpoise, Anemone, Barnacle and Coral escape with the scroll's information.

-July 25: Doppleganger and Mechassassin assassinate the French ambassador to Libya in order to intimidate France into freeing the Conquerors, who had been allies of Doppleganger in the past.

-July 26: The Protector's trace the Aquans back to Aqua Industries, defeat them in battle, and retrieve the nerve gas information.

-August 13: MACE in Birmingham, England attacks STOP forces. Geomancer is apprehended after the fight, but the entire battle is a diversion for a larger Project: Armor operation.

-September 24: The Revered Elder becoming decrepit and Vincent Dimitrios imprisoned, Tyrannon begins to once again set his sights on Earth's dimension. The Champions manage to defeat the Avatar that he sends on a probing mission, but worry what will happen when he attacks in strength.

-October 3: Eurostar goes to Iceland to attempt to convince Mammoth to join their ranks. When he refuses, a huge battle ensues, from which Mammoth just barely escapes alive.

-October 10: Dr. Destroyer and Terror, Inc. kill the members of the South American Superteam, the Victores.

-October 13: Black Druid and Floodgate team up to destroy a Duchess Industries plant that disposed of toxic waste in the North Sea.

-November 26: The Champions save New York from nuclear destruction by Atlas. Seeker is captured by the villains, and mind controlled into thinking he is Armadillo (and is disguised as such). The Champions defeat Atlas and "Armadillo" in battle.

-November 28: The first meeting of the Warsaw Pact team. Things do not go well, and it is questionable whether they will meet again. (The only other meeting is in Dec. 1990 when they are forced to help Col. Vasalov attack Sanctuary. It is doubtful that, after these two debacles, the team will ever be a "team" again.)

-December 3: Timemaster, along with hired mercenaries including Mechassassin, Powerhouse and Vibron, attempts to capture the members of Eurostar to take with him to the future. The battle is huge, and ends when UNTIL shows up, with all of the villains fleeing.

-December 15: The Champions accompany Prometheus agents with food shipments to Ethiopia to protect them from Atlas agents. The Atlas agents, however, are specifically after the heroes, not the shipment. The Champions are captured and put into a series of deathtraps. They escape, and chose not to expose the fact that Prometheus is a part of the Atlas organization.

-Kristina Pelvanen, formerly the superheroine Rowan, founds the Ravenwood Academy, nominally an ordinarily (if highly exclusive private school), but secretly intended primarily to train young superhumans in the proper use of their abilities.

-The second Northern Guard team splits up.


-January 29: The Day of the Destroyer. Dr. Destroyer launches his artificial island, Destruga in an attempt to gain statehood. When that scheme fails, he turns towards Hawaii and announces that he will kill nine tenths of the world's population for the good of mankind. But is defeated by Freedom Guard.

-January 30: The Night of Villainy. Terror, Inc. makes a random attack upon New York City. The Champions battle them, and lose. The New York Thunder team of super athletes comes to their aid. Firewing attacks the Worldview News building in downtown Manhattan. Mechanon attacks the United Nations building. The Ultimates attack Los Angeles, battling Mind Titan and Peregrine. The Asesinos attack San Francisco, but are defeated soundly by the Protectors. Project Sunburst destroys two buildings in downtown Chicago. Villains International kidnaps a number of businessmen in the City Bank of Industry in downtown Washington DC, but are defeated by the Capitol Patrol. Eurostar attacks Moscow, and several members of the Supreme Soviet Superteam are injured. Eurostar also coordinates attacks with other European supervillains on various cities in Europe. Eight superheroes die during all of the battles, including Captain Star in Washington and Quarterback of New York Thunder.

-January 31: The Champions, their ranks supplemented by Quasar and Helios of the Protectors, infiltrate and attack the Island of Dr. Destroyer. The heroes are victorious, but reveal that it is actually another man posing as Dr. Destroyer who has carried out the horrible scheme. The whereabouts of Dr. Destroyer I are unknown.

-February 10: While investigating a series of super-powered thefts, the trail leads the Champions to Paris, where they battle and apprehend the supervillain mercenaries known as Triad.

-April 9: Laser Lad apprehends Mentalax while trying to rob a bank.

-April 24: The demonic Huntsman encounters a battle between German soldiers and the villain Darkwing. Huntsman kills Darkwing and disappears.

-May 10-14: The combined forces of the Champions, the Capitol Patrol and various independent super heroes stop an invasion from the underworld kingdom of Subterra. PRIMUS and the marines also play vital roles.

-May 17: The Huntsman kills Defenseur, a brand new French hero, and again mysteriously disappears.

-June 15: The Ruler of Crime is elected chairman of the criminal organization known as the Cartel.

-July 17: White Gemini joins GRAB, but when the other members learn of Black Gemini, he is forced out of the group.

-July 24: The European Superteam Euroguard apprehends the super thief Blackjack. He later escapes from the authorities. His easy escape prompts European leaders to discuss building a joint "super-prison" similar to Stronghold in the US.

-August 2: Iraq invades Kuwait, leading to the Gulf War.

-August 8: The Champions battle the Zodiac atop the Statue of Liberty where the villains have set up energy draining equipment for a scheme of theirs. The heroes destroy the equipment, and the Zodiac flee.

-September 15: Cavalier I retires from superheroing, and instead attempts to go into politics. Cavalier II takes his place.

-September 22: Alloy dies at University Medical Center of a rare blood disorder related to his living metal body. Thousands of people attend his funeral.

-October 24: PAGAN first uses their Superpowered Resistance Team (later known as Eclipse). Nether, Marauder, Midnight Sun, Thespian and Facet are the first members. Their mission to free political prisoners is a great success, although their attack is bloody and brutal. November 8: Rachel Farnol is released from prison.

-November 13: Dimension Man II appears accidentally in the Protector's base and subsequently leads them on a series of interdimensional chases and adventures, finally returning them the exact moment that they left.

-December 7: Assault on Sanctuary The Supreme Soviets, the Comintern, the Warsaw Pact, MACE, the Raiders, Road Kill and the Ultimates attack Sanctuary to kill Tokamak and the Scarlet Sentinel for crimes against the Supreme Soviets. Defending Sanctuary are the Champions, the Protectors, Strike Force, and Terror Inc. Eurostar fought both sides. Unfortunately for everyone involved, CLOWN and Foxbat are also present. The huge battle destroys most of Sanctuary, and the casualties include Tokamak, Rush and Waxman. Sanctuary was also evicted from U.S. Soil.

-December 12: The Comintern and the Supreme Soviets disintegrate, with various members of both groups forming Red Doom and the New Guard.

-December 14: The British punk rock/supervillain group Argent Anarchy makes their first appearance by attacking a parade in London. The London Watch and STOP show up much too late to prevent either the damage that the villains cause or the group's escape.

-December 16: Malachite sends agents to hire a number of criminals from the Glasgow underground, but The Laird, a local crimefighter, puts an end to the whole operation.

-December 20: Citadel is released from Stronghold.

-December 21: The Pantheon returns to Earth, and wishes to claim it once again, but they are defeated upon their arrival in New York (as they approached the UN building) by the Champions.

-December 26: the Circle frees Vincent Dimitrios from his prison within Tyrannon's Thanic Rod.

-December 30: The New Guard encounters the entity known as the Despoiler in Sophia, Bulgaria. Untold damage is wrought during the battle, but the heroes are victorious. Cosmo uses his cosmic powers to put the Despoiler in orbit (since there is clearly no way to imprison him).

-Brin Rei Tarn dies. His replacement is the first human Star*Guardian, Andre Almena.

-Juan Martinez retires as Secretary-Marshal of UNTIL, and is replaced by Wilhelm Carl Eckhardt.

-The Great Stronghold Breakout occurs due to a series of unfortunate mishaps.

-The Cottonmouth Incident; Authorities capture the VIPER supervillain Cottonmouth, who reveals much of the inner workings of the organization before being assassinated by his former employers.


-January 13: Eclipse attacks and destroys the main French headquarters of Duchess Industries.

-January 25: The US Government agrees to pay Citadel an undisclosed amount to compensate him for the loss of his powers. He begins his plans to form CSI, Castle Security Inc.

-January 27: The Zodiac attacks a football player (for personal reasons of one of the members) during the Super Bowl. The Champions save the player and manage to capture Leo, Scorpio and Leo, but they escape by being teleported away by other members.

-January 30: Rachel Farnol agrees to join Castle Security Inc as their financial manager.

-February 15: Night Shade leaves the Conquerors, s Neutron's arrogance.

-February 16: Godfather is recruited into Eclipse. Mi Sun quits immediately.

-February 20: Ultraviolet is released from prison.

-February 21: Ultraviolet joins Castle Security Inc.

-March 2: "Linda Landis" is hired as Castle Security Inc's receptionist.

-March 12: Pile Driver is released from Stronghold and joins Castle Security Inc.

-April 3: Mandelbrot is recruited into Eclipse.

-April 9: Castle Security Inc's first job; body guarding eccentric rock star Jackson Michaels at a benefit concert. They end up preventing the theft of the concert receipts by GRAB, earning a hefty bonus.

-April 27: Castle Security Inc. battles the super-powered heavy metal band Road Kill as they try to kidnap their clients The Virile Young Teens music group for "crimes against music."

-May 5: Facet and Thespian leave Eclipse.

-May 14: Enigma first appears as Eclipse attack a Portuguese government installation.

-May 17: The Faraday Memorial Clinic named for the late hero Kip Faraday, or Alloy, opens in midtown. Funded by financier Alistair McDermott, the clinic treats injured supers and normals caught in the crossfire of super-battles.

-May 30: The new Sanctuary, now a small island resort opens its doors to paranormals everywhere.

-June 2: Dr. Destroyer's Destroid robots attack Argent Anarchy as they deface Trafalgar Square London. Only the intervention by STOP agents the band to escape from the robots, who were s Destroyer to retrieve the cybernetic parts that the (Which were made by his scientists).

-June 15: Shrike joins Eclipse.

-July 10: The Capitol Patrol battle the villain Prism a new villainous group Spectrum as the villains kidnap Senator Clayton Mansfield. What the heroes don't know is that Senator Mansfield was kidnapped long ago and replaced by Prism, disguised by sophisticated holograms.

-July 11: Following a trail left by Spectrum, the Capitol rescues Senator Mansfield (actually a disguised Prism).

-July 15: Prism, disguised as Senator Mansfield, announces that his recent kidnapping has swayed him to vote in favor of the Paranormal Registration Act.

-July 28: The Capitol Patrol frees the real Senator Mansfield and captures Prism and the rest of Spectrum after a pitched battle in and around the Capitol Building

-August 1: Members of the New Guard and the New Knights (who make a number of quips about the similarity of their two groups' names) battle the strange entity known as Glacier in Norway in order to stop its reign of destruction Just before they could defeat the monster, Dr. Destroyer and Menton appear and teleport the creature away for purposes unknown.

-August 8: The Ultimates and the Griffin (whom they had tricked into helping them) battle Firewing over a misunderstanding in Milwaukee. The battle spreads to a role-playing game convention. Cavalier II is present, but is unable to stop the battle and spends most of his time protecting innocents. Firewing has an upper hard until Plasmoid almost kills him with an energy blast. Firewing leaves, swearing that he'll get revenge.

-August 15: European Terrorists known as Eclipse attack an UNTIL base in Paris were they steal numerous files pertaining to European villains.

-August 25: Mikhail Gorbachev resigns from office as the Communist Party in the USSR starts to dissolve.

-September 2: While receiving an award from the city of New York for stopping the villainous Zodiac from destroying most of the city (more than a year earlier), the Champions are attacked by a number of dinosaurs appearing out of nowhere. After dealing with the dinosaurs and saving the crowds of people there for the ceremony, the Champions are attacked again, this time by a woman from the future called Cybercop. After apprehending her, the Champions discover that these attacks have something to do with the disappearance of Dr. Timothy Temple who apparently died in 1939, many years before he was born.

-September 3: while investigating Timothy Temple's lab, the Norse God of Thunder, Thor, attacks the Champions. After driving him off, they use Temple's time machine to travel back to 1939.

-September 4: The Champions return from the past with Dr. Temple only to discover that Mrs. Temple died in a power surge. Dr. Temple blames the heroes for her death.

-September 6: Crusader teams up with Starburst to stop Pulsar and Armadillo from breaking into a high tech lab and stealing a prototype energy weapon.

-September 10: Dr. Timothy Temple (now the villain Tempus) travels back in time to Sept. 2 to attack the Champions with menaces from other times in order to stop them from using the time machine, which leads to his wife's death.

-September 15: The Champions and Ice Shadow battle the demonic Frostbite and his frost demons. After a lengthy battle, the heroes are victorious.

-September 29: Tempus kidnaps the Champions and sends them back to the ice age.

-October 3: The Champions once again return from the past and defeat Tempus in his base.

-October 13: Spandau prison is completely renovated to be a "super-prison" in Europe, similar to Stronghold in the US. It is run by UNTIL agents and a multi-national European staff. Facet is its first inmate.

-October 29: The Ferret, a super skilled freelance thief, steals jewellery collection worth hundreds of thousands of dollars from the home of a wealthy San Angelino in his first appearance.

-November 1: Ice Shadow and the Champions go to the Spirit World to battle the Evil Spirit Sedna, who was behind a plot to take over the Earth (a plan of which earlier, Frostbite was a part).

-November 10: While relaxing at Sanctuary, the members of Castle Security Inc. get into a big fight with The Artful Dodger and Thor of the former Gold Coast Guardians. Sanctuary personnel break up the scuffle and all participants are temporarily expelled as punishment.

-November 14: The Despoiler, after being put into orbit by the New Guard, returns to Earth crashing into the Mediterranean.

-November 30: Director Oliver Stone's new movie, JFK, proposes the idea that the Military-Industrial Complex, in league with VIPER, was behind the assassination of President Kennedy.

-The California Patrol, an informal team of West Coast heroes, is founded.

-The German government passes a law requiring the registration of superhumans


-February 2: The Geodesics try to "rescue" Ultraviolet from Castle Security Inc. Dart is crushed when his ex-wife rebukes him.

-February 10: Lord Dread launches a plan of conquest throughout Canada, using magic gained from an ancient Indian artifact. It takes all three Sentinel teams to stop him.

-March 15: Martha, Linda and Rachel go out on the town to celebrate Martha's divorce from Dart becoming final. At the Champions Sports Bar, Brad Powers (Bulldozer) try to pick up (literally) Martha and gets a face full of purple energy blast.

-April 9: Castle Security Inc. celebrates their first anniversary with a trip to Disney World, where they battle Foxbat as he tries to kidnap Mickey Mouse and hijack a monorail to Cuba.

-May 29: King Cobra and a number of snake-like mutates (created through use of his Coil Gene) battle the London Watch as they try to steal a number of treasures from a museum's Arthurian exhibit.

-June 12: Castle Security Inc. succeeds in capturing a VIPER team sent to steal an experimental engine design from their client, racer Dugger Birch.

-July 14: Monopole and Foxbat team up to humiliate the Champions once and for all. They hire the Geodesies and Blowtorch to set fire to and burn down Homestead, the Champion's base, while the heroes are all away. Powershift single-handedly apprehends all of the villains (except Monopole and Foxbat). Powershift applies for membership in the Champions.

-July 23: The "Battle of Detroit"; Dr. Destroyer is defeated battling Earth's superheroes, but activates a device that destroys most of Detroit. Later that year, the American government, several major corporations, and numerous charitable foundations form the Millennium Project to rebuild the city.

-July 27: The Champions agree to make Powershift a provisional member.

-August 13: Powershift mysteriously disappears.

-August 28: Castle Security Inc. encounters Mister Rapentap as they investigate a missing child case. With help from Linda Crighton the mystic menace is driven off and their client's child is rescued.

-September 24: Citadel guest stars on the television show Capes of Wraith playing a character analogous to himself. He meets actress Lin Chow, who is appearing as the Supervillainess Silver Lotus in this episode. The two get very friendly and agree to see each other some time.

-September 28: Citadel finds himself under a vicious assault by Green Dragon. He barely defeats the Chinese villain.

-November 15: Citadel falls under the influence of the witch Blaise Morgan's spells. Ultraviolet foils Morgan's plans to marry Castle Security Inc's handsome leader.

-November 26: The hero, Mind-Master, appears for the first time, foiling a robbery at a high-tech Arroyo Verde laboratory.

-December 24: Castle Security Inc. appears on Hero Talk Media’s incredibly popular game show, Super Gladiators. They emerge victorious in a close contest and win a large purse for their charity of choice, the Angel House Youth Shelter in Los Angeles.


-January 4: The Conquerors attack a research facility of GeneTek, a company known to carry on research into depowering mutants. Castle Security Inc., hired to protect the labs from an anticipated assault, is defeated and the entire scientific staff is killed.

-January 13: twister prevents Shrapnel from carrying out a threat to destroy City Hall, but suffers crippling injuries in the battle.

-August 9: The thief known as the Ferret defeats an ultra-high tech security system to steal plans for a prototype fuel cell from Orion Labs for a corporate rival.

-November 2: A never-before seen super, whom the press dubs Amok, goes on a destructive rampage through downtown San Angelo, causing extensive property damage. He disappears among the rubble while police and fire personnel are busy rescuing trapped victims.

-As a response to public outcry over the destruction of Detroit, the United States signs the Tribunal Treaty, allowing UNTIL agents to operate freely in American territory.

-Eurostar launches an invasion of Poland with an army of cloned soldiers created by Teleios, the Perfect Man. Teleios's existence is revealed to the world in the aftermath of the thwarted attack.

-Canada forms a third Northern Guard super-team.


-January 1: The Justice Foundation think tank forms a hero team of the same name. Founding members are leader Corona, Cavalier, Azteca and Savant.

-January 21: Peregrine Aircraft donates a prototype VTOL passenger jet, dubbed the Turbojet, to the Justice Foundation.

-Dr. Silverback moves to Millennium City to work at the American headquarters of Cambridge Biochem.

-The Justice Squadron thwarts an ARGENT-sponsored coup in Guamanga.

-Kristine Griswold gains solar energy powers and becomes the super heroine Victory, working for the United States Air Force.

-Annette Berkelheimer dies and is replaced as the leader of the IHA by Archer Samuels.

-PSI is revealed to be a criminal organization employing supervillains with psionic powers.

-The Warlord first appears, and attempts to conquer Vietnam.


-January 12: San Francisco Bay Area is wiped out by 7.4 magnitude quake.

-February 28: Helix Technologies succeeds in creating a human clone with peak normal human abilities. Named Cameron, he is rapidly matured in a special nutrient tank developed by the lab.

-April 18: Cloning expert Vladimir Kaminov dies in a boating accident on Lake Oro. Two days late, the Helix Technologies lab is destroyed in a fire. Cameron disappears.

-May 24: Robin Fleming makes his debut as Paragon, the Perfect Human, fighting crime in San Angelo with perfect precision according to a perfectly designed master strategy. The brilliant, handsome Paragon becomes a public figure, making television appearances and authoring articles for prominent magazines.

-July 2: Amok goes berserk in the Armoury neighbourhood downtown, demolishing several stores and smashing countless cars. The Justice Foundation battles him to a standstill, but the crazed Amok pulls a building down around himself and the team barely escapes. Amok disappears.

-October 11: The Paragon fan Club forms, encouraging young people to keep physically fit, stay in school, resist pressure to use drugs and keep out of gangs.

-Li Chun the Destroyer is accidentally freed in China. After defeating the Tiger Squad in a two-day running battle, he mysteriously disappears.

-The United States Army initiates "Project Greenskin" in an attempt to take control of the supervillain Grond; the project fails, leading to a destructive rampage by Grond and the deaths of most of the scientists involved.

-The FBI completes the Stalwart powered armor suit, thus giving it an official superhero to supplement its Hostage Rescue Teams.


-January 19: Suffering from amnesia, the clone Cameron begins competing in underground pit-fighting bouts-some to the death-as Bloodsport.

-May 1: The freelance thief known as the Ferret steals materials from an ultra-secure U.S. Army laboratory in the Midwest for an unknown employer.

-May 19: After turning the lab materials over to his contractor, the Ferret learns they include test batches of a deadly plague virus developed by the military. The Ferret infiltrates the secret base of his former employer, retrieves the virus samples and returns them to the Army.

-August 30: An anti-Paragon backlash swells among San Angelinos fed up with the perfectly annoying perfectness of the hero. Paragon announces he will not be seeking office in 1996.

-November 7: Republic of Berannya ends war with neighbouring countries.

-Jennifer Anne Ward, now a private investigator in Vibora Bay, adopts the identity of Black Mask X, against her father's wishes (at least at first).

-UNTIL completes the construction of its GATEWAY space station.

-The "VIPER-Eurostar War" begins in Europe, and lasts until 1998.


-January 18: San Francisco Bay Area reincorporates as "Bay City".

-March 24: Peter Quayle, a young college music student, buys a second-hand flute from a Cathedral Square pawn shop. Quayle discovers that the flute has arcane powers, and takes on the role of the Bard, a mystic protector of Cathedral Square, as he learns more about the flute's power. He does not know the instrument is actually an ancient magical artifact once used by the Piper.

-July 26: Peregrine Aircraft hires Dynamo, a Georgia superhero who gained fame for being the first superhero to make commercial endorsements, as its new security consultant. Her actual duties primarily involve public relations work. Dynamo moves to San Angelo.

- September 18: Photon appears and attempts to free Amok during a hearing at the San Angelo County Courthouse. The Justice Foundation and Paragon battle Photon over downtown San Angelo, narrowly forcing him to flee. Amok disappears in the confusion, but Photon's apparent plan to recruit him for a new band of superhuman criminals fails. Photon vows revenge on the heroes for interfering with him.

-October 1: Christina Spiros returns to San Angelo with a list of names of those she holds responsible for the 1994 accident at an Eclipse Industries subsidiary. As the sonic powered Siren, she intends to make company executives pay for their negligence with a vengeance.

-Los Defensores de Mejico (the Mexican Defenders), a Mexican superhero team, disintegrates when several members are implicated in a corruption scandal.

-Nightwind begins fighting crime in the still-under-construction Millennium City.

-Following the death of his daughter in a New York City super battle. Senator Phillip Glassman becomes an ardent campaigner against Superhumans and a supporter of the IHA.

-Black Rose and Amazing Man II re-organize the Sentinels; MeteorMan III chooses to retire from the team.

-Daniel James Johnson becomes the Golden Avenger of PRIMUS.


-September 3: The Arcadian Academy opens in Bay City.

-Canada's latest attempt to establish the Northern Guard, a team of official heroes, fails as the team votes to dissolve itself. Istvatha V'han first attempts and fails, to conquer Earth's dimension.

-Scorpia and Feuermacher murder Professor Muerte, loot and destroy his facilities, and defect from Terror, Inc. to join Eurostar.

-The United States Department of Defence reveals Janissary, a superhuman soldier it has succeeded in creating. A program is begun to test the feasibility of creating more superhuman soldiers.

-Thomas Cassidy launches the SNN Sidekick television network.


-Late this year, the rebuilding of Detroit is substantially completed, and the new metropolis is christened Millennium City.

-Defender becomes a part-time superhero in New York City.

-Sapphire's mutant powers manifest.

-Mark Whitaker (Nighthawk) is injured in a VIPER attack on Millennium City University; inspired by the event, he becomes a crimefighter.

-A lab accident gives Brendan Grant superpowers, and he becomes Kinetik.

-Shugoshin receives his Spirit Swords and begins his crime-fighting career in San Francisco.

-The San Francisco-based Freedom Patrol suffers a major defeat at the hands of ARGENT.



-Dark Seraph and the Crowns of Krim steal a valuable book from a Paris museum, in the process killing 43 UNTIL agents and the French superhero Skydragon.


-July 4: Defender and Quantum travel to Millennium City and founds the Millennium City Champions Franchise. Full Tilt is the first to join soon followed by Sapphire and Nighthawk thereafter; Ironclad arrives on Earth and joins the group as well. Witchcraft joins the group late in the year.


-August 15: The Binary Corporation presents Binary Man, its official corporate superhero and representative to the world. Binary Man begins fighting crime and performing heroic deeds.


-September 11: The U.S. is attacked by terrorists in New York City and Washington and the world changes forever. Hijacked jetliners hit the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon outside Washington. A fourth hijacked plane crashes into a field in Pennsylvania. Trading on Wall Street is stopped. The Federal Aviation Administration halts all flight operations at the nation's airports for the first time in U.S. history. U.S. military is placed on high alert. President Bush addresses the nation and vows to "find those responsible and bring them to justice." Hundreds of New York City firemen and policemen sent to rescue WTC workers are lost when the WTC Twin Towers collapse. Reaction from international leaders is swift as world leaders react with outrage over the attacks.


-June 6: Firewing battles Hyperion in London; the fight ends inconclusively, but results in significant property destruction.


-December 26: An undersea earthquake occurred in the Indian Ocean at 00:58:53 UTC (07:58:53 local time).The earthquake generated a tsunami that was among the deadliest disasters in modern history. At a magnitude of 9.0, it was the largest earthquake since the 9.2 magnitude Good Friday Earthquake off Alaska in 1964, and tied for fourth largest since 1900. The earthquake originated in the Indian Ocean just north of Simeulue island, off the western coast of northern Sumatra, Indonesia. The resulting tsunami devastated the shores of Indonesia, Sri Lanka, South India, Thailand and other countries with waves of up to 15 m (50 feet) high. It caused serious damage and deaths as far as the east coast of Africa, with the furthest recorded death due to the tsunami occuring at Port Elizabeth in South Africa, 8,000 kilometers away from the epicentre. Anywhere from 165,000 to 234,000 people are thought to have died as a result of the tsunami, and the count is not yet complete. The true final toll may never be known due to bodies having been swept out to sea, but current estimates use conservative methodologies. Relief agencies warn of the possibility of more deaths to come as a result of epidemics caused by poor sanitation, but the threat of starvation seems now to have been largely averted. The plight of the many affected people and countries prompted a widespread humanitarian response.

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