A supervillain.

History Edit

Taken from Champions Villains Volume One: Master Villains (6th Edition:

Laura Palamaris was a graduate student working toward her Ph.D. in mathematics. Her studies involved certain advanced mathematical properties and processes with no real practical application, but she enjoyed the work enormously for the sheer intellectual challenge — it was sort of like trying to solve an enormously complicated puzzle. One evening, while she was working on one of the most detailed parts of her chain of calculations, the mathematical permutations her mind was going through breached the barriers to higher-order realities and attracted the attentions of malevolent beings from the Sixth Dimension. Sensing an opportunity for conquest, they attempted to travel to Laura’s reality, using her mind as a conduit. Unfortunately for them, her mind was even more advanced than they thought; when she sensed something wrong was happening, she subconsciously fought back. Instead of conquering Earth, the invaders wound up trapped — locked inside Laura’s brilliant brain, merged with her consciousness, subsumed wholly into her self so that they almost ceased to exist. Almost... but not quite. While Laura remained physically intact, her personality was warped by contact with the sixth-dimensional lifeforms, taking on their desire for conquest and riches. The mingling of their minds with hers expanded her consciousness even further, giving her the power to warp reality through hypermathematics and hyperperception. No longer needing to continue her studies — her knowledge of mathematics now exceeded that of all of her professors and colleagues — and eager to get on with her mission to pillage this reality, Laura left her studies behind and became Tesseract, mistress of dimensional manipulation. Tesseract spent several years as a solo supervillainess, occasionally working for hire or teaming up with other villains. In 2006 Holocaust hired her as part of his “Alliance” to attack her old enemies, the Champions. The plot went bad, but she escaped. Fortunately for her, the battle and her powers attracted the attention of Professor Paradigm, who asked her to join his team. Intrigued by the idea of being part of a permanent group, and of working with someone she could discuss advanced mathematics with, she accepted the offer and has been with the Paradigm Pirates ever since.


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