Teleios Tower01

Teleios's Tower

Do you feel small and unworthy next to greatness? Next to perfection? You should. I am Teleios, the Perfect Man. I am the idealized life form, in both body and mind. But my superiority is also my curse. None could rule the world with the effectiveness of Teleios. None DESERVE to. This is my obligation... my destiny.

And so I have constructed a laboratory in remote Canada, where interfering superheroes are less apt to bother me, where I can attend to my experiments and discoveries, and amazing new creations will spring to life based on my divine genetic structure. Humanity is flawed, but here in my cloning chambers I can create a race of beings in the form of perfection.

This world will belong to Teleios soon enough. Inferior beings will serve me... or they will suffer!

- Jakob Stroessen, a/k/a Teleios, the Perfect Man

A stronghold in northwest Canada. The mad super-scientist known as Teleios is trying to clone the perfect life form. This facility is filled with his creations from his experiments; from bio-engineered cyborg velociraptors to massive psionic brains.

  • Teleios's Tower is a five man instance for level 30ish characters.
  • On the first floor of Teleios's Tower stand Buster. Contrary to popular belief, Buster is defeatable and awards the perk "Vanquish Buster". To kill Buster, players must attack him for an undisclosed amount of time.  After a while, Buster will "Wake Up" and proceed to take and deal out damage.

Basic Strategy Edit

  • The bulk of the instance is dedicated to shutting down four computers in order to unlock access to the boss fight.
    • The procedure for each of these unlocks is the same, they are mostly just time consuming - fight your way into the room with the computer and flip the switch.
    • It is not necessary to kill everything in the room to proceed. It is possible to distract the computer guard and sneak someone else in to flip the switch.
    • This is particularly useful against the hordes of "Perfection of Body". These are brutal and can repeatedly kill unprepared groups with their barrage of area damage and holds.
  • The final boss fight is straightforward - Kill the brain.
    • There are clone generators circling the boss that will summon a stream of adds until you turn them off (by blowing them up). Simple AoE can do this for you very quickly.
    • The boss is very unfriendly to melee types with his frequent knockback.
    • If it becomes obvious that the brain is targetting you at range, be prepared for a 4000+ damage Gigabolt. He does not do this very often, however.
    • At 2/3 and again at 1/3 health, the boss summons a ball of lighting to orbit himself. These balls do 250-300 damage to anyone they touch.
    • When you die, the respawn is right downstairs, making this perhaps the easiest 5-man boss fight to Zerg rush.

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