Overview Edit

Secondary Energy Unlocks (SEU) are Innate Passive powers that provide small bursts of Energy under specific conditions.

A list of SEUs
Name Framework
Conjuring Sorcery
Ego Reverberation Telekinesis
Hunter's Instinct Archery
Icy Embrace Ice
Ionic Reverberation Electricity
Killer Instinct Munitions
Mephitic Infernal Supernatural
Molecular Self Assembly Gadgeteering
Overdrive Power Armor
Relentless Dual Blades
Relentless Fighting Claws
Relentless Single Blade
Relentless Unarmed
Spirit Reverberation Darkness
Steadfast Dual Blades
Steadfast Fighting Claws
Steadfast Single Blade
Steadfast Unarmed
Supernatural Power Supernatural
Telepathic Reverberation Telepathy
Thermal Reverberation Fire
Unified Theory Laser Sword
Wild Thing Bestial Supernatural
Wind Reverberation Wind

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