Radioactive Ringleader
Level 12 Mission
Zone The Desert
Subzone Atomic Wasteland
Mission Start Professor Ciraulo
Mission End Professor Ciraulo

Mission Chain

Professor Ciraulo

The Irradiates are growing increasingly bold -and violent- in their attacks, and I think we've figured out why. They have a leader, a human-hating radical named Phrosoe, and he has vowed to turn as many regular humans as possible into Irradiates - and kill anybody who resists! Even Scientists! You can usually find him on a tiny island in a radioactive lake in northwestern Uranium Flats.

- Professor Ciraulo

Summary Edit

Defeat the Irradiates leader Phrosoe, often seen on a tiny island in a radioactive lake in northwestern Uranium Flats. You have to distroy the fuel berrels on the tower to summon the final boss

Objectives Edit

In Progress Edit

Defeat the Irradiate leader Phrosoe, and strike a crippling blow against the mutants. Then we can finally get back to Project Greenskin's primary objective: Recapturing Grond.

- Professor Ciraulo

On Completion Edit

PRIMUS owes you a debt of gratitude, {name}. Have you thought about signing up with us full-time?

- Professor Ciraulo

Rewards Edit

  • 6,000 Exp
  • 74 Resource

Items Edit

Choose One:
PO Jar 001 Contained Radiation
PO Machine 003a PRIMUS Stabalizing Unit PO Items Arms Gadgets 05 V11 PRIMUS Carbine
PO Items Arms Gadgets 04 V12 PRIMUS Close-Combat Weapons PO Items Arms Gloves 03 V2 PRIMUS Combat Gloves

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