A strange alien species that tried to invade and conquer Earth in 1965. Currently at war with the Gadroon.

SOCRATES introduces the aliens in the tutorial with the following description:

"The Qularr are an insectoid alien race with advanced organic weapons and technology. Their invasion fleet appeared in the skies above the city this morning without any warning and launched a savage attack that has left much of the city in flames."

"Qularr attack ships have been flying over the city dropping scores of seed pods. Wherever these pods take root, they grow into hives that can produce firebugs."

Qularr EnemiesEdit

Note: incomplete list



Flying Drone



Qularr Hive



Invasion Leader

Shock Trooper

Master VillainsEdit

Qularr Swarmlord

Super VillainsEdit

Qularr Swarmlord

World Burner

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