"We're here to POWER. YOU. UP!" - Powerhouse Trainer

The Powerhouse is an area where players can acquire the benefits of gaining a level. It's split into five sections: Trainers, Damage Testing, Crowd Control Testing, Movement Testing, and Damage Resistance Testing.

Sections Edit

Trainers Edit

The first area that a player encounters consists of four Powerhouse uniformed employees behind desks. Here the player may Retcon out powers and choose new powers to test. It should be noted that any powers you choose to gain are free to Retcon so long as you haven't yet left the Powerhouse.

Damage Testing Edit

An area to the south of the trainers, consisting of small groups of Training Dummies ranging from level 1 to 40. Here players can try out powers that require a hostile target and observe their effects before committing themselves to it.

Crowd Control Testing Edit

The Crowd Control testing area is north of the trainers, requiring the player to take the north or south doorways first. This area is similar to the Damage Testing area, except the dummies walk around the edge of the room, spaced shortly apart. This area can be used to test Hold, Root and similar powers, as well as location-based powers (such as the Sigils)

Movement Testing Edit

This area, to the west of the trainers, contains several platforms and crates which the player can jump all over. It's useful to practice jumping and travel power usage here (especially Swinging).

Damage Resistance Testing Edit

This area is the laser room. Yes, laser room. Directly to the east of the trainers, this room is equipped with four colored laser beams. The red beam does the least amount of damage, while the blue beam does the most. The player is required to activate the laser before it will fire. This room is useful to test Block and other defensive abilities.

Entrances Edit

There are several entrances to the Powerhouse scattered throughout the game world - there is typically one in every zone past the Millennium City Tutorial.

A list of Powerhouse Entrances
Zone Location
Crisis in Canada {{{2}}}, {{{3}}}, {{{4}}}
Disaster in the Desert {{{2}}}, {{{3}}}, {{{4}}}
Millennium City {{{2}}}, {{{3}}}, {{{4}}}
The Desert {{{2}}}, {{{3}}}, {{{4}}}
Canadian Wilderness {{{2}}}, {{{3}}}, {{{4}}}

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