The Nemesis System is a system in Champions Online that allows you to create your own arch-nemesis.

What is known currently.Edit

  • You are able to create your nemesis at level 25.
  • You can customize his/her power set, costume, personality, stance and minions.
  • You cannot write dialog for your nemesis.

It is important to note that when creating your nemesis you have access to the same character parts you would if you were creating a new character. However, you cannot customize the appearance of the minions they will use; rather, you are able to select an 'archetype' of henchmen they will use (such as robots).

When selecting Personalities for your Nemesis, you will be able to choose from a select few predefined personalities based on other Champions characters. The personality will only tweak their dialog lines.

When you lock up your Nemesis in jail, you will have the option to create a new nemesis.

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