Mr Zombie (steelhead)
Mr. Zombie
Identity Robert Reynolds
Race Reanimated Human
Gender Male
Faction The Brain Trust
Powers Super Strength
Doesn't Breathe

Mr. Zombie is a powerful villain that resembles a walking corpse in both appearance and personality. A member of the super villain group known as the Brain Trust, he primarily serves as the group's muscle. Though not mindless, Mr. Zombie has few goals of his own and readily follows the orders given to him by the Overbrain.[1]

In Champions Online Edit

Mr. Zombie can be found in the Canadian Wilderness along with the rest of the Brain Trust, in the area surrounding Force Station Steelhead. He's been attacking Steelhead personnel that are attempting to dispose of zombie body parts left from a recent attack on the compound.

For the article on the character's appearance in the Canadian Wilderness, see: Mr. Zombie (Force Station Steelhead)

Missions Edit

Mission Objective

Force Station Steelhead 

Appearance & Personality Edit

Though not a member of the undead himself, Mr. Zombie bears a striking resemblance to the creatures from which his name is drawn. He stares vacantly at the world from sunken eyes, his pallid flesh drawn tight over his frame. His clothes are tattered and worn, and he walks with a halting, shuffling motion.[1]

Motivations Edit

Mr. Zombie has no true motivations. Memories of his life before becoming what he is now are vague at best. The Overbrain has promised to help him remember his past, but he truly acts as a member of the Brain Trust for no other reason than he has nothing else to do.[1]

Background Edit

In his previous life, before becoming the creature known as Mr. Zombie, Robert Reynolds was successful and lived well. However, he was diagnosed with severe cancer, and eventually succumbed to the sickness. His corpse was buried, but shortly after the internment of Reynolds' body it was exposed to chemicals that had leaked from a nearby laboratory long abandoned by the Overbrain.[1]

The chemicals revived Reynolds, but when he awoke his memories were foggy and indiscernible. Driven by instinct, he clawed his way to the surface and made his way to the Overbrain's abandoned lab. The building's security systems alerted the Overbrain to Reynolds' presence; investigating the alarm, the villain deduced what had happened and convinced the creature to join his Brain Trust. One of his new teammates, the cat-girl Lynx, dubbed him Mr. Zombie, and he's served as the group's muscle ever since.[1]

Skills & Abilities Edit

Mr. Zombie moves slowly, but possesses superhuman strength and is incredibly resilient. He lacks the need to breathe and when given a task he pursues his objectives relentlessly.[1]

Known Associations Edit

The Brain Trust Edit

Mr. Zombie faithfully serves the Overbrain as a member of the villain's Brain Trust. He's instinctively drawn to the creator of the chemicals that spawned him, and he lacks any desire to act independently or in opposition to the orders he's given.[1]

References Edit

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