Identity Craig Vandersnoot
Race Human
Gender Male
Faction ARGENT
Base of Operation ARGENT Refinery (Canada)
Powers Gatling Gun, Block, and Orbital Cannon
Mercenary supervillain armed with advanced body armor, an Electric Pistol, a shield, and other weapons.[1]

Background/History Edit

Craig Vandersnoot was a major in the U.S. Army assigned as a liaison to NATO. His good looks, charming demeanor, master's degree in political science, and take-charge attitude made him popular and respected, and before long he was put in command of a NATO research project to develop a light battlesuit for use by the military and law enforcement.

The project was going well under Vandersnoot's supervision when his "moonlighting" came to light: he'd been working as a security consultant and troubleshooter for several organized crime groups and terrorist organizations, accepting huge sums of money to keep them safe from the cops. He even helped plan and execute crimes, applying his tactical knowledge to make the "missions" go as smoothly as possible.

Three MPs were sent to arrest Vandersnoot quietly, so the press wouldn't get wind of things. He killed all three of them, snuck back into the research complex, and put on the battlesuit. Then he murdered every project scientist and technician he could find, stole all the plans and specs, and trashed the lab. When he was done, he escaped from the facility with ease.

Since then, Vandersnoot, operating under the codename "Mechassassin," has established an enviable reputation in the Mercenary World. Known for his skill, power, discipline, and ability to get even the toughest jobs done, he's made millions as he loots and pillages his way across the globe. He also works as a security chief and military trainer for master villains.[2]

Appearance Edit

Mechassassin BW

An illustration of Mechassassin from Conquerors, Killers, and Crooks.

Mechassassin wears a suit of light battlearmor colored dull red and grey (both non-reflective); he sometimes changes the suit's colors, if appropriate for a given mission. It consists of grey knee-high boots, belt, chestplate, shoulders, gauntlets, and helmet; and red legs, sides, and arms. On his right hip is a grey holster holding an energy pistol. Built into his right gauntlet is a tanglecoil launcher. He also carries a dull red lozenge-shaped metal-and-plastic shield on his left arm.

Out of his armor, Craig Vandersnoot is 6' 3", 220 pounds, blonde, blue-eyed, and handsome. He wears expensive casual clothes, drives well-built sportscars, and tends to throw a lot of money around.[3]

References Edit

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