Lore is pieces of background information or story that you can find hidden throughout the game world. Every piece of Lore is associated with a Perk, though some Lore Perks are tied to more than one piece of Lore.

Lore can be viewed in your Mission Journal under the Lore tab. Most pieces of Lore begin hidden and are revealed when your hero first reads them. Part of the fun of Lore is finding them!

Obtaining Lore grants progress toward the associated Perks.

See the Lore Perks category page for a list of lore.

Reference List: Lore by ZoneEdit

Millenium City Tutorial 

Millenium City

The Desert

  • Out of the Wasteland This Lore is only available if you initially went to the Desert after the Qularr Invasion.

The Canadian Wilderness

  • Raiders on the Storm This Lore is only available if you initially went to Canada after the Qularr Invasion.

Monster Island

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