The Champions Online world is home to many locations, locales, and destinations.

The Moon Edit

Earth's moon.

Millennium City Edit

A sprawling, hi-tech, metropolis built upon the ruins of Detroit. In the training, which functions as tutorial, it's under attack by aliens. After completing the training the city is back on it's feet. There is plenty of action and things to do and visit.

Canadian Wilderness Edit

Together with the Desert, the Canadian Wilderness is one of the two starting zones, following the training. It's cold and snowwy.

The Desert Edit

Together with the Canadian Wilderness, the Desert is one of the two starting zones, following the training. It's dry and mostly sand and rocks.

Lemuria City Edit

A underground city, not unlike Atlantis.

Qliphothic World Edit

A mystical dimension.

Stronghold Edit

A high-security prison for Supervillain, nestled in the Death's Head Mesa.

Monster Island Edit

Slither Beach Edit

Snake Gulch Edit

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