of this Power
Power Icon Lash
Power Set Infernal Supernatural
Type Ranged Attack
Cost 10 energy
Activation Time 0.67-1.67 sec
  • Single target Toxic damage.


Infernal Supernatural - Tier 0

Ranged Damage

Lash throws a length of infernal chain at your enemy.



  • Single target Toxic damage.


Accelerated Metabolism

Every time you use this ability you have a chance to return a small amount of energy.

Crippling Challenge

  • Increases the threat caused by this attack, making enemies more likely to attack you.
  • Places a 20% damage debuff on the target that persists for 15 seconds. If the affected enemy attacks the taunter, it will quickly reduce this debuff's strength. Conversely, damage the taunter inflicts on the taunted enemy restores the debuff's strength.
  • This advantage Taunts an AI controlled enemy, forcing them to attack you for 4 seconds. All taunts share a 10 second cooldown, and an enemy that has been taunted by any source cannot be taunted again for 10 seconds.
  • Crippling Challenge breaks through blocking and disables it for 10 seconds.

Meteor Hammer

Allows Lash to be charged. When fully charged, or while Enraged, Lash knocks back your enemies. A full charge while Enraged knocks the target back twice as far.

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