Communicator, member of Recios


Real Name: Jade Adam Lloyd
Born: July 15, 1990
Eyes: Bright Green
Hair: Carrot-redhead
Height: 1'74 m
Weight: 77 Kg
Current Age: 19


Born a mutant, but with no external mark, he had a happy youth, and quickly discovered he could talk with anyone and everyone, including any mildly intelligent animal he could find, and any sufficiently advanced computer, provided he could talk to a modem via phone. He was contacted by La Academia after he happened to meet a member of the faculty, who instantly understood he was a natural mutant, and started attending. Under training, he discovered a prevously unnoticed and undeveloped telepathy and telekinesis, wich he started to use to further allow communication, by understanding the deep sense of the uttered sentences, even in languages he originally couldn't undestand.


Easygoing, kind of hiperactive teenager.


Wears a purple and white Spandex suit and orange colored goggles. A mask covers only his face, but he eagerly removes it if facial communication is needed. If only eye contact is needed, he will remove his goggles instead.


Can speak any language, including extraterrestrial, insect, and modem. He's very facially expresive, can hand-sign, and is somewhat able to "talk with his fists" too. Has a moderate telekinesis and telepathy, but basiaclly uses it to learn any new language he doesn't already instictively know.


Adam Kimerik


Created by Adrian Palomares.

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