An island near Japan inhabited by many strange monsters created by the Qularr.

The Founding Of Monster IslandEdit

In 1966, after uniting to defeat the Qularr, Humanity quickly began squabbling among itself for possession of the spoils. Several nations had captive giant monsters under sedation. Japanese and United States forces occupied the Qularr island and seized most of the remaining alien technology despite the strident protests of Beijing — and more importantly Moscow, which moved battleships into the area to enforce its claim to a fair share of the booty. It seemed as if the world was about to go to war once more.

Fortunately the United Nations rose to the challenge. Tireless efforts by Secretary-General U Thant managed — barely — to avert armed conflict and bring all the interested parties to the negotiating table. Months of dickering, bickering, deal-making, and back-room compromises were the result, but by mid-1966 most member nations of the UN, including all members of the Security Council, had signed the Qularr Technology and Resources Treaty.


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