Exposing Argent
Level 19 Mission
Zone Millennium City
Subzone City Center
Mission Start Michael Scott Beck
Mission End Michael Scott Beck

I am determined to get to the bottom of ARGENT's dirty operations. They pretend to be a legitimate operation, but I know they are up to no good. I believe they are doctoring their corporate reports, so I want to intercept the actual reports as they are delivered to two of ARGENT's highest level employees, Dr. Victor Hopewell and Lucinda Sadler. The couriers are leaving from ARGENT HQ and heading out from there. One courier goes north, another one goes west, and the last goes east out of the ARGENT HQ.

- Michael Scott Beck

Summary Edit

Collect 2 ARGENT reports from different Couriers.

Objectives Edit

In Progress Edit

Did you get the reports I need? Once I get a hold of them, I'm finally going to blow the whistle on ARGENT!

- Michael Scott Beck

On Completion Edit

Thanks so much, {name}. These reports will prove that ARGENT has been cooking their books. It's true what they say! If you want to root out corruption in a corporation like ARGENT, the best way to do it is to follow the money!

- Michael Scott Beck

Rewards Edit

  • 9,300 Exp
  • 85 Resource

Items Edit

Choose One:
SU Items Arms Accessories 02 V2 Grounding Belt SU Items Arms Gadgets 14 V7 Vari-Beam Spotlight
SU Items Arms Hats 03 V2 Neurohelm SU Items Martialartstechniques 04 V02 Commando Training

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