Identity Paul Hundley
Race Human
Gender Male
Faction Crowns of Krim
Powers Darkness
A member of the supervillain team the Crowns of Krim.[1]

Background/History Edit

In 1985, Paul Hundley was a bitter college student. Coming from a background of poverty, and cursed with an arrogant manner and features best described as plain, Hundley learned to hate the world that constantly rejected him. Desperately envious of the "beautiful people" on campus who seemed to have it all, he looked for a way to even the scales... and found the occult.

At first he scoffed, but the more he researched the matter, the more he was convinced there had to be some truth to it. Then, while doing workstudy research for one of the anthropology professors, he came across some information that dovetailed with cryptic clues in the grimoires he'd been reading. Convinced he had uncovered the location of some long-lost "relic of greatte power," as one of his tomes put it, he spent all of his money to fly to Southeast Asia and sneak into Vietnam to find it.

Against all odds, Hundley succeeded. In the ruins of a temple whose architecture and iconography he didn't even recognize, he found an ancient crypt. He descended into a chamber so dark his flashlight could barely cut through the gloom — and at the heart of darkness there was a Crown. Exultantly Hundley picked it up and put it on, not caring what price he might have to pay for its power. When Krim spoke to him, he willingly offered up his soul for even greater power — and then set forth for England, to join up with Dark Seraph and serve him willingly.[2]

Appearance Edit

Eclipse LSI

A loading screen illustration of Eclipse.

Eclipse resembles a humanoid shadow, with the magnificent Shadow Crown merging almost imperceptibly into his dark head. When he wishes to fly, shadowy wings unfold from his shoulderblades.[3]

References Edit

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