Description Edit

A master of blades, you surround yourself with a withering tempest of steel that damages multiple weaker opponents at once.

You gain energy from every critical strike on nearby opponents, which drives you to ever greater prowess.

You are the only one with innately multi-target melee attacks, and you have a strong focus on scoring critical hits.

Recommended Characteristics Edit

Innate Characteristics Edit

Helix One of Mind and Body
This is the innate characteristic for Martial Arts.
+5 Constitution +5 Endurance +12 Strength +12 Dexterity
+5 Intelligence +5 Ego +5 Presence +5 Recovery

Powers Edit

Tier 0 Edit

No Requirements

Icon Name Type Description
Rain of Steel Energy Builder Rain of Steel launches a series of quick strikes upon your enemy.
Blade Tempest Close Area Attack Blade Tempest is a deadly combination of whirling two blade attacks.

Tier 1 Edit

Requires 1 power from Dual Blades or 2 non-energy-building powers from any framework

Icon Name Type Description
Inexorable Tides Close Area Attack A powerful kick at the legs of your opponents, knocking them into the air.
Lightning Reflexes Buff Self You have honed your reflexes to perfection and are able to move with impossible speed to avoid attacks.
Parry Block Parry is an enhanced Block power that allows you to, with careful timing, return some damage to an attacker.
Shuriken Throw Ranged Attack Shuriken Throw allows you to throw shuriken with deadly precision.
Smoke Bomb Debuff Smoke Bomb drops a cloud of obscuring smoke at your feet allowing you to execute a strategic retreat when necessary.
Thunderbolt Lunge Movement Thunderbolt Lunge allows you to close distance with your target as well as root them.
Form of the Tempest Buff Self With a few moments of concentration and preparation, you may adopt an advanced martial posture.
Storm's Harvest Close Attack Storm's Harvest delivers a powerful two handed blow to your enemy.

Tier 2 Edit

Requires 3 powers from Dual Blades or 5 non-energy-building powers from any framework

Icon Name Type Description
Bountiful Chi Resurgence Healing Bountiful Chi Resurgence focuses your Chi into healing energy to help you recover from battle.
Masterful Dodge Buff Self In moments of need you are able focus your attention on avoiding the attacks of your foes.
Sneak Buff Self When you need to go unnoticed, sneaking can get you to otherwise inaccessible spots.
Way of the Warrior Buff Self You have the stance, form, and discipline of a trained Master of the Martial Arts. You strike harder and more accurately, and your deft stance allows you to avoid more damage more often. Additionally, a Master of the Martial Arts never wastes energy on a strike that will not connect; attacks that your enemy dodges refund a portion of their cost.
Dragon's Wrath Close Attack Dragon's Wrath is a technique that is highly effective in both attacking the enemy and in setting yourself up to efficiently press your attack.
Eye of the Storm Close Area Attack Eye of the Storm uses your weapons to surround you in a whirling shield of cutting blades.

Tier 3 Edit

Requires 5 powers from Dual Blades or 8 non-energy-building powers from any framework

Icon Name Type Description
Sword Cyclone Close Area Attack Sword Cyclone is a difficult technique allowing a weapons master to deliver devastation to all around them by spinning rapidly with their weapons extended.

Tier 4 Edit

Requires 10 powers from Martial Arts and completion of Vibora Bay Crisis

Icon Name Type Description
Fury of the Dragon Close Area Attack Fury of the Dragon causes a chaotic attack of claws and fire, dealing damage to nearby foes.

Notes Edit

  • Smoke Bomb is a common power, shared between all the Martial Arts sets.

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Official Champions Online Link - [1]

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