Comic Series are the free replacements for Adventure Packs.

Features Edit

Story Edit

Comic Series are like comic book story arcs delivered in 6 issues arriving one issue per week. Accessible to all players, each Comic Series takes you on an exciting adventure in which you’ll encounter new creatures and environments, all the while playing through an intriguing story that unfolds before you, issue after issue.

Scalability Edit

Comic Series are scalable. Players level 11 and above can take part in the adventure either solo or with a team, ensuring that all types of players can experience the new content without having to grind levels in advance.

Playability Edit

Each Comic Series is comprised of six weekly issues. Once it debuts, the issue can be played along with any other previously released issues. You must complete earlier issues in a Series before you can play the latest release.

Bonuses Edit

On top of regular mission rewards, you can also earn special Issue Rewards and Item Drops as you play!

Comic Series Edit

Aftershock Comic SeriesEdit

Released starting in June 1, 2011, this adventure pack leads you on a quest to Camp Lantern.

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