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Clarence (Attack of the Misfit Toys)

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Clarence (Attack of the Misfit Toys)
Faction Misfit Toys
Zone Millennium City
Hugs are fun, but smashing is better!
- Clarence the Mechateddy

Clarence the Mechateddy is a unique monster unleashed upon Millennium City by his creator, Black Harlequin, during the "Attack of the Misfit Toys" Winter Event. Harlequin has taken Clarence and the rest of his Misfit Toys onto the streets for some holiday destruction, with the city's Charity Workers as the targets of their rampage.

Open Missions Edit

Clarence and Black Harlequin will appear at any of the five Charity Worker locations found in Millennium City, where they will hold the personnel hostage as they terrorize the area.

Open Mission Objective Edit

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