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What's New?
Vehicle 2.0 Live By CaptainSmirk Wed 19 Mar 2014 11:25:49 AM PDT
Vehicle2.0 live1
Vehicle 2.0

We’re happy to announce that Vehicles 2.0 is now live! Players will now be able to upgrade their favorite Mark 1 vehicles into new and improved versions. Get ready to deal even more destruction with your vehicles.

What will you need to upgrade your Mark 1 to a Mark 2 vehicle? You’ll need your Mark 1 vehicle and a Tune-up Kit which is available in the C-Store. Upgrading your existing mark 1 will not alter the appearance of the vehicle, but it will get higher stats and will add more mod slots. Most mark 2 editions will come with 7 or 8 slots, 8 if you have the 10% “Drifter Store Bonus.”

In addition, this is your chance to get four new Mark 2 vehicles, including a brand-new Hover Tank chassis. The Mammoth and Mastodon hover tanks are angular, deadly hunters of the sky, and are available in the C-Store; the Smilodon is based off the same chassis, and is available in the Drifter Salvage store. Fans of Heartstring can also pick up the Broadhead grav bike in the Drifter Salvage store.

We've also added the new Vehicle Showcase room, where you'll be able to see available vehicle designs, in Renaissance Center where the Q-Store used to be. The vehicle showroom is the one stop shop for all Champions to browse Mark 2 vehicles, upgrade your Mark 1 vehicle, and to check out the brand new stunning Mark 2’s available in the C-Store.

Vehicle2.0 live2
The Mammoth, patrolling Monster Island

The new Mark 2 vehicles pack a punch and also feature incredible new designs. The new Hover Tanks and Grav Ghariots will come with 4 weapons and 3 mods (split between defense and support). Grav Bikes, Hawkwings, Exocets , and VOTLs will come equipped with 3 weapons and 4 mods (split between defense and support).

Since we've added the Mark 2 vehicles, we've knocked down the prices of most C-Store vehicles, down to 1200 ZEN. (The Stealth Hawkwing and Wilson VTOL are 1400 ZEN.) And if you've recently won an Arrowhead or Adder from the Heartstring lockbox, your vehicle should automatically be converted to Mark 2.

In addition to introducing upgraded vehicles, we are also tuning vehicles and various weapon systems. Vehicles have been given a lower in-combat speed, to help avoid overshooting your target, and we’ve altered how boost works. There were also slight changes to weapon damage.

We’ve received a lot of feedback from the community about updating vehciles and we are more than excited to be able to bring this update to the game. Which vehicle will you be upgrading? Let us know in the official Champions Online Forums.

What's New?
Preview: FoxbatCon Event By DwightMC Tue 18 Mar 2014
FoxbatCon by CrypticBuxom

Coming soon, Millennium City will be hosting FoxbatCon, the premier convention in honor of the most handsome, dashing, daring and intelligent ne'er-do-well: Foxbat!

Come down to Renaissance Center and meet the stars of the 1960s Foxbat TV show. Special Guest of Honor: Foxbat himself! (If anyone knows the current whereabouts of Foxbat, please contact the information desk immediately.)

Renaissance Center is filled with Foxbat fans, cosplayers, and of course the stars of the hit TV series: Matt Hunt, Jeff Hill and Foxbat himself.

FoxbatCon begins soon, heroes. During the event, you'll have a chance to pick up FoxbatCon Swag Bags from villains, all containing great prizes. Plus, complete missions throughout the event to earn Foxbat Cred, event currency that can be traded for special items from the convention merchant.

Over the course of the event, we’ll be introducing new missions and a new Foxbat-themed lockbox. Be sure to check back with us soon for more information about the upcoming FoxbatCon Event!

What's New?
The Rampage Revamp Now Live was added as part of the 2014, February 20 update.

Champions, we’re excited to announce that the Rampage Revamp is now live! Login now and experience the brand new Fire and Ice Rampage, earn brand-new rewards, unlock new achievements and experience the Rampages with the new Private Queues. The new Rampage is for heroes level 35+

There will be four Rampages in total: UNTIL Sky Command, Gravitar, the Lemurian Invasion, and the brand new Fire and Ice Rampage. These Rampages will rotate every three days through the fifth Alert slot. Each Rampage is for ten players.

Want to earn the ultimate Justice Gear? You’ll need to face all four rampages where each will have a chance to drop a different token type. Collect multiple of each type, add some Drifter Salvage, and you’ll be able to exchange it for Justice Gear. Justice Gear is a step up from the old Legion gear, with four slots for stat-boosting MODs, plus very good stats baked in.

If you're a costume fiend, there's plenty to scavenge from the Rampages, including tons of military and first-responder costume pieces. You'll be able to get items like construction vests, UNTIL accessories and more!

Plus, experience the challenging new Fire and Ice Rampage, and battle against the first couple of crime: Kenina Blaze and Frosticus! You'll need to coordinate with your team to survive traps, escape prisons, and dodge their all-out area attacks. Make sure you defeat them both at the same time, though -- you might not like what happens if you don’t. Head here to read more about the new rampage and the powers these villains possess.

The new Private Queues mean you won’t have to worry about random players joining the instance, so you can coordinate perfectly with your team to face the Rampages. Queue up with a full ten-man group and take on each of the rampages.

New costumes, new challenges and new perks await you! Login after maintenance and enjoy the Rampage Revamp!

What's New?
The Basement Hideout category was added as part of the 2011, July 7 update.
Basement Hideout Floor Plan

Every Hero needs a place to get away from it all and now they can.

Hideouts are highly themed personal maps that have customization options and offer basic convenience. The best part about them is that they are easy to get to, it’s a snap to host parties, and the more you have the more you can make them look just right for your Hero.

What's New?
The Melee Weapons Pack framework was added as part of the 2011, July 13 update.
Melee Weapon Pack Costume Set Detail 3

Grab these deadly accessories and throw yourself into the thick of things with the Melee Weapons Pack. Unlock these Melee Heavy and Medium Blade Weapons in the C-Store and complete your hero's look.

The costume set consists of 5 Heavy Weapon and 7 Blade costume unlocks.

What's New?
The Heavy Weapon framework was added as part of the 2011, April 21 update.
CO Wikia com Bludgeon(00:16)

This Framework joins Brick and uses Costume Weapons: Heavy Weapon for weapon skins.

This Framework is also used by Devastator Archetype and the Duratok sidekick.

Offical News Patch Notes
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Champions Headlines
Free Alienware Promo

2014, February 19

Originally submitted 2011 September 7 the link has been updated to take you to the correct page. There are currently 6066 available keys for this promotion.

Please follow the directions on how to redeem the key code located below or on the right hand side of the Alienware screen. Do not attempt to redeem the key in the Arc key redemption as that will not work.

Instead for easy of redemption of the key code click here Or go to the right hand side drop down at the Alienware site it looks like this:

click # 3 Once logged in, please apply your key Here.

Follow the link It will open the window then you will need to log in to the champions website and you can redeem the key to your account.

The battle of good vs. evil is just beginning. The fate of a world rests in your hands. Get this Alienware Arena exclusive game bundle that unlocks the Serpent Lantern Adventure Pack, the Devastator Archetype, and the Viking Warrior Costume Set.

Come Grab Your Free Arc Gifts!

2014, February 21

The new Arc client is now live! We have made many changes based on your feedback and would like to know what you think. To show our gratitude for downloading Arc, we would like to offer you a host of free gifts! This is our way of saying thank you for everything, and to let you know that we are listening.

To get started, navigate below where you will find each game's specific redeem code and the items you will receive, along with a link to install Arc.

What is Arc?

Arc brings your favorite games, communities, and entertainment together onto one easy-to-use platform. Manage your worlds by seamlessly installing games all in one place, and connect with friends with Arc's built in messenger. The possibilities are endless, so get started today!

Once you install the ARC client Log into your Perfect World account through Arc. Once the code has been redeemed, go in-game and open the C-Store. Scroll to the Bonus tab and claim the items in the window. All the costumes and Hideouts will automatically be unlocked after you claim them. The box of titles will be added to your inventory. Simply open your inventory and use the box to obtain your titles.

Code 1: ( PtXM9Vn1 ) Code 2: ( uwAzrxZy )

•Costume sets: Halloween Webs, Redeemed Villain, and Hats and Heads

•Special title perks: (The/Dr/Sir/Lady/Lord)

•Hi-Tech Cave and Druidic Sanctum hideouts

Second Anniversary costume unlocks are here early!

2011, August 31

Open any saved anniversary gifts to unlock the new costumes immediately.

Champions Online: Free for All on Steam!

2011, June 14

Champions Online makes a triumphant return to Steam. The original achievements are available again and you can use your Steam Wallet to for C-Store purchases. Read all about it in the FAQ.

Aftershock is here!

2011, June 1

The inaugural issue of the first Comic Series - Aftershock - is now in Champions Online and available to all players for free!

Check out the new Heavy Weapons framework.

2011, April 21

See the brutally crushing force of Heavy Weapons, Champion Online's newly released super power along with the new weapons.

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