Controllable Combat PetEdit


  • Controllable Combat Pets are pets that are either controllable inherently (Tyrannon's Familiar, Wolves from "Command Animals", etc.) or pets that can be controlled through an upgrade (Upgrading Ritual Summons with "Meek Inheritance" allows them to be controlled).
  • Controlled Combat Pets are generally permanent until either killed or dismissed.
  • Damage scales with Intelligence
  • Health scales with Presence
  • If you have more than one controllable pet out, they all share the same pet command bar


  • Attack - Commands your pet(s) to attack your target
  • Dismiss - Unsummons your pets
  • Stay - Commands your pet(s) to stay where they are (they will still attack anything in range)
  • Passive - Commands your pets to follow you but ignore any enemies
  • Assist - Commands your pets to follow you and attack anything you attack

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