Cryptic Store is an in-game store where players can access a whole host of items including costume sets, full character retcons, additional character slots, additional costume slots, Action Figures and more!

Players add Cryptic Points to their account by going to the Official site, logging in and select 'BUY CRYPTIC POINTS' under the 'STORE' menu. The USD conversion rate is $25.00 for 2000 points.

Players can access the C-Store in game by pressing the Minimap C Store on the Minimap.

Items Edit

AF Icon Defender Action Figure - Defender 80 $1.00
AF Icon Dr. Destroyer Dr. Destroyer 80 $1.00
AF Icon Ironclad Ironclad 80 $1.00
AF Icon Kinetik Kinetik 80 $1.00
AF Icon Army Man Army Man 80 $1.00
AF Icon Clown Clown 80 $1.00
AF Icon Pirate Pirate 80 $1.00
AF Icon Robot Robot 80 $1.00
AF Icon Army Helicopter Army Helicopter 80 $1.00
AF Icon Civilian Helicopter Civilian Helicopter 80 $1.00
AF Icon Submarine Submarine 80 $1.00
AF Icon Witchcraft Witchcraft 80 $1.00
Emblem Icon Weapons Themed Emblem Pack: Weapons 80 $1.00
Emblem Icon Bestial Themed Emblem Pack: Bestial 80 $1.00
Emblem Icon Sci-Fi Themed Emblem Pack: Sci-Fi 80 $1.00
Costume Icon Cyborg Beast Costume: Cyborg Beast Costume Set 240 $3.00
Costume Icon Epic Samurai Costume: Epic Samurai Costume Set 240 $3.00
Two Costume Slots Icon Service: Two Additional Costume Slots 400 $5.00
Four Character Slots Icon Service: Four Additional Character Slots 1200 $15.00
Rename Token Icon Service: Character Rename Token - Use At Login 280 $3.50
Retcon Token Icon Full Retcon Token - Use at Powerhouse 1000 $12.50
Costume Icon Full Halloween Costume: Full Halloween Costume Set 720 $9.00
Costume Icon Halloween Skeleton Costume: Halloween Skeleton Costume 280 $3.50
Costume Icon Halloween Web Costume: Halloween Web Costume Set 280 $3.50
Costume Icon Halloween Head Costume: Halloween Head Costume Set 280 $3.50
Costume Icon Zombie Costume: Zombie Costume Set 800 $10.00
Costume Icon Wild Things Costume: Wild Things Costume Set 280 $3.50
Costume Icon Cape Collection Costume: Cape Collection Costume Set 280 $3.50
Costume Icon Dark Demon Costume: Dark Demon Costume Set 280 $3.50
Costume Icon Redeemed Villain Costume: Redeemed Villain Costume Set 280 $3.50
Costume Icon Hats And Heads Costume: Hats & Heads Costume Set 280 $3.50
Costume Icon Hi-Tech Costume: Hi-Tech Costume Set 280 $3.50
Costume Icon Serpent Armor Costume: Serpent Armor Costume Set 280 $3.50
Costume Icon Steampunk Cyborg Costume: Steampunk Cyborg Costume Set 280 $3.50
Costume Icon Dark Fantasy Armor Costume: Dark Fantasy Armor Costume Set 280 $3.50
Costume Icon Swamp King Costume: Swamp King Costume Set 360 $4.50
Costume Icon Geo Armor Costume: Geo Armor Costume Set 280 $3.50
Costume Icon Beast Heads Beast Heads Costume Set 280 $3.50
Costume Icon Tesla Coil Tesla Coil Costume Set 280 $3.50
Costume Icon New Millennium Tights New Millennium Tights Costume Set 280 $3.50

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