Wardog Codename: Wardog Real name: Arion St.George Super Group: Powers: Superhuman strength, Enhanced senses, Accelerated healing, reflexes and precise physiological control.

History: The man who would come to be called Wardog is the culmination of centuries long breeding programs conducted by an ancient cabal known as The Right Hand. The goal of these programs was to create two exceptional beings. One was to be a physically superhuman warrior and the other possess exceptional mental abilities far surpassing those of normal men. Together they were to lead the armies of The Right Hand in its War of Dominion against the world. Around the 1700s a small faction within The Right Hand began to work at odds to the centuries old plan. No longer believing in the cabal's plan of world domination but fearing certain death if they were to leave, they began a strategy to sabotage the War of Dominion by turning one of its generals. A family within the organization positioned itself to be the trainers of the Right Hand's armies and sole caretakers and instructors of its "Dog of War" when the program reached fruition. Late in 1988, War Master Marcus St. George was presented with the child who was to become the general of The Right Hand's armies. He named boy Arion and almost immediately began instructing him in the way of the warrior, armed and unarmed combat and battlefield strategy. During the day he would mentally program Arion to follow the beliefs and aims of The Right Hand while at night he would subconsciously implant mental triggers that would tear down The Right Hand's programming and leave Arion able to make his own decisions and follow his own moral compass.

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