The Bleak Ones 02

The Bleak Ones

Dark gods from the qliphotic realm that created the reptilian race of Lemurians. Also known as "the Rastrinfhar".

Official ProfileEdit

They wait in the darkness, as they have for longer than mortal minds can imagine. In that darkness, they plan. They dream of freedom. They dream of fire and blood and broken worlds. They ache for the screams of the dying, for the tears of defeat, for the last broken hope of the fallen.

They are not kind gods, but they are gods. They are the gods who created the Lemurians, from mortal clay and cold fire. They are the gods who gave the Lemurians overweening pride, endless ambition, and terror to goad them. They gave the Lemurians the ability to change shape, skill at magic, and a promise. And what a promise it was!

To the Lemurians they said, You will struggle all your days. You will fight for your glory, your place in the world. And when you die, we will bring you home. We will gather you to us. We will devour your souls in the ever after. You shall be our sustenance.

They howled in rage when the Lemurians turned from them to worship false gods. They exacted revenge and publicly tortured the soul of the false prophet upon his death. They laughed to see their Lemurian children lose the ability to change shape. They delighted to watch Lemuria sink into the sea amidst fire and chaos. They have waited, and hungered for thousands of years, as the Lemurians strove for immortality.

They are done waiting. They are calling their children back and offering, in trade, the power of a reptilian form that can live freely under water. They are watching in delight as Lemuria collapses in civil war.

Their promise remains the same because they will never change. They are the Bleak Ones, and they are hungry.


Note: Based on provided screenshot only.

  • Bleak Elder (Super Villain)
  • Harpooner (Master Villain)
  • Champion (Villain)
  • Dark Sorcerer (Villain)
  • Gladiator (Henchman)
  • Spurter (Henchman)
  • Gnasher (Henchman)

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