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Black Ranger Black Ranger is a Millennium City martial artist vigilante! He is carrying on a one man war on crime and terror. He utilizes a variety of gadgets to aid him in his quest. He is widely believed to be one of the deadly fighters in the world!

As the 4th child of the American ambassador to Nigeria, Jordan Davis grew up a child of privilege. His father was also the owner of a Fortune 500 company. He and his siblings were afforded the best education money could buy. Starting at the tender age of 4 his father began training him in martial arts. His father immediately noticed his son's aptitude for athletics and the fighting Arts. Jordan very quickly surpassed hibrothers in skill.

In 3rd grade when his father felt he could no longer instruct him so he hired teachers from various disciplines to continue his martial arts instruction. He studied Dambe & numerous African martial arts styles. by the time he was in the 6th grade he had moved onto Greek Pancreation. Then to Russian Systema, Israeli Krav Maga & Muay Tai. by the time he graduated high school he was a master of Kung Fu, Jordan then began mastering boxing and pro wrestling moves. Jordan as a child began what would be a lifelong friendship with Devon Daniels. They had much in common. They would often compete against one another in sparring matches.

Soon Jordan left for college and joined the Tai Kwon Do team. In year 3 of his time at college his father was murdered on a diplomatic mission to South America. He was murdered by the new Terror Inc. He was killed by Professor Muerte himself as message to America. Jordan and his family were devastated. His brother William took over the company Davis designs. His sister Samara became a world famous model/actress. The youngest brother James is a world famous martial artist in his own right. Finally his youngest sister Kim is a pro wrestler.

His fathers death was the event that triggered his decision to be a force for good. He immediately contacted his boyhood friend Devon Daniels who by now had become the hero Gold Star! Gold Star provided him with weapons and the armor that would be his hallmark. From that moment on he became a force of vengeance. All while He waits for his opportunity to strike out at Terror Inc. Those in the service of evil beware...The BLACK RANGER!

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